Bob Marley

Good Weekend;

Bob Marley is my most favorite artist! So i think a thread about him (his records etc) would be great idea.

I have a selection from tracks, from the first song Do You Still Love Me till one of hisl ast songs. I have a selection of needle drops and cds. I wish someday some one remaster all his songs in dsd.

But still there is some songs i cannot find maybe someone have it or can share some light about them? So maybe we can listen to them?

The songs i can not find are:

Terror from 1962
Gonna Get You from 1968
Rhapsody the NEW YORK MIX from 1968
Stay With Me from 1968
You Think I Have No Feelings from 1968
High Tide Or Low Tide from 1969
Give Her Love from 1970

Good Evening;

You could try sending a PM to wakethetown, he literally wrote a book on reggae.
If anyone might know where it would be him.

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who is him?

Hi I’m wakethetown. My expertise is not discography per se but I might be able to help you with more general questions relating to Marley and reggae.

Do you have the Songs of Freedom box set? I know there is a High Tide version in the set. Not sure if it’s the right date or version.

Roger Steffens is the leading authority on all things Marley. He has written extensively on his discography. Check out his writings for sure.

Here’s the book I was referencing by Steffens. Should be able to answer all your questions :smile:


Here’s the box set I was referring to as well.


Oh man, I’m definitely listening to Babylon By Bus when I get home! One of my favorite live albums right up there with Waiting for Columbus😍

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yes i know is a grerat box, i have it both in cassette form and cd form;
i use to listen to the early songs of the first cassette

Indeed, he was. Speaking about his work, there are so many songs that are developed everywhere. And so many people listened to him.

Indeed…THE 3 live albums for me are Babylon by bus, Journey‘s Captured and Billy Joel‘s Songs in the attic.

the us 1990 Barry Diament mastering are super;
the hdtarcks are very good, i just wish they did a pure dsd remaster;
but wonder how long it going to take before that?

ps. some very good information of the songs release by year and some info: