Bridge 2.5?

Paul, forgive me if I am widely off the mark, but would it be an idea to use the air lens case and outputs for the Bridge 2 then make it compatible with the new Airlens boards for later introduction. I realise it may not be possible, just a small thought from a non techie :rofl::rofl:

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Sorry, solution for what?

Post topic. An external box for the Bridge.


No way we could sit waiting like that, here in Europe, being it summer or winter!

Would that be much different than say from a similar Pi-board with PSA settings?

Will be great to hear how the Holo Red goes! Sounds like a very impressive unit for the money.

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Bridge Boxer sounds better than Bridge Box or Bridge Trunk. :rofl:

@Interested @vkennedy61 @emailists there’s a holo red on sale at usaaudiomart. Quick!

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My Holo Red is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Now if only PS Audio would just ship my DS MK2 already…! :weary: :disappointed:


When did you order? I ordered on Dec 23rd and check my email hourl…err daily. Haha

The Holo Red on Dec 21. It was supposed to arrive yesterday but DHL decided to hold on to it for a couple extra days.
The MK2 a couple of weeks ago.

I’m supposed to get mine next Tuesday and the Mk2 sometime in early February. Yahoo!

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my red was supposed to arrived yesterday, but Fedex seem to have decided that it needs to go on a UK tour first :man_facepalming:

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My Red is out for delivery today! Was supposed to arrive sometime next Tuesday through Friday.

So the entire trip from Canada to Santa Fe and through customs in three days! Clearly our postal service is doing something right.

I’m happy for you and look forward to hearing your impressions of the Red, since I’m considering that piece.

But about the post office: someone who lives 30 miles from me sent a Christmas card. It went 80 miles north to a big regional facility, where it was postmarked Dec. 19. It arrived at my house (which required coming back south) on Jan. 4. Over two weeks and no need to go through customs – not exactly great service!

Another weird one: I’m working on a project with my next door neighbor and a co-author who lives in India. If my neighbor emails me if often takes several hours (occasionally even longer) to reach me, but from India the emails come within a few minutes.

The Xmas card I can kinda see although it shouldn’t take 2 weeks.

But the email is strange. That should be close to instantaneous (or however long light takes through he fiber optic cables). I haven’t seen any issues like that. Maybe something to do with your ISP or your neighbor’s?

So USPS said it’s in my mailbox! Don’t have time now to fool with it.

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Let me go out and check…