Bridge II 3.6.86 is ready for updating

My new bridge is one update behind and staying that way.

After updating the FW of my Bridge II to the latest version I observe some odd behavior of my PWD MKII.

  1. Powering up the PWD MKII by it’s rocker switch on the backside
  2. After initialization finished I changed the volume from 50 to 80
  3. After a short time the volume is reset to 50 automatically by the PWD MKII
  4. Again changing the volume from 50 to 80
  5. Again after a short time it’s reset to 50
  6. Once again changed to 80 it stays stable!

So volume is always reset to 50 two times after a power cycle. It’s hard to imagine that the FW change of the Bridge caused the behavior, but you never know!

Does anyone else has an idea or observe the same behavior?


Do not unplug the Ethernet Cable before the next DAC firmware update.

I can confirm this!

After doing some research yesterday evenining. I found out that on unplugging the Ethernet cable and not having a network connection established, the PWD MK II starts reseting the volume to 50.

Against my first observance this happens continously not only twice after power up!

My problem is that I’m currently using an external DIY network client connected via I²S to my PWD. so the Bridge II stays unconnected. I either have to remove it from the PWD or to downgrade the FW.

So question is when will the PWD get a new FW? Can any PS Audio official drop in?


updated the Bridge II in my DSD sr last week. no issues. listened for awhile, went back to using USB input from an opticalrendu. no issues, smooth sailing.

today my DSD sr started randomly setting the volume to 50 vs the 82 that I set it at. By randomly I mean in the middle of a tune - no changes to any device settings or network changes - Ethernet cable was connected. Just BAM, quieter.

I’ve physically pulled the BII board, which I have not been using as a source - it’s still USB. Not sure that pulling the board will fix it - never seen this behavior in the DSD before!

I’m afraid this will have to wait after AN speakers are released…:joy:
No time again for Bridge II

oh no :tired_face: what about this issue?

The bug is still present. Should have been fixed, was told to be fixed, wasn’t fixed, I have an open request @TJ.


Thx jazznut

You’re welcome…possibly it helps when others also ask for it!

Just to jump in here briefly–I’ve had very limited listening time lately (travel, outdoor projects, etc. for the past few months), but in the couple of hours I gave the Junior this morning, I did not have any issue with the volume level resetting. In fact, it stayed set somewhere around 70, where I had it the last time I used it, and the only time I had it set to 50 was when I first rebooted after loading the new Bridge firmware. I’ve just loaded Windom, so I will see how it works tomorrow. But so far, no random volume changes here, and it’s preserved at power on.

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I missed this update, can someone post the download link to get the [Bridge II 3.6.86] update because I can’t see it in the Download section ? Thanks in advance.

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There is no download link because the bridge update is done via internet.

2 options

  1. with the mconnect control app (cog - device setup - select bridge)
  2. or using the DSD screen

Good luck

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I think they may have pulled the last update from automatically being shown. My Bridge 2 card with the previous version loaded stopped telling me an update is available.
I could be wrong…

Thanks I have a DS Junior so I guess it is the same procedure with Mconnect (no screen as there is no screen on the Junior) ?
Thanks a lot !

Yup same procedure with the DSJ.
Or use the button on the left side of the DSJ screen.

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Has anyone experienced the vol. reset problem after replacing Snowmass with Windom?

I discovered the Bridge 3.6.86 update by accident after I installed Windom (love it!) on my DSD Sr. The update was flagged as available on the touchscreen, and installed without a hitch over ethernet. 3.6.86 so far has fixed a problem streaming Internet Radio from mcontrolHD on my iPad in which some stations would throw a “Delay in streaming or unsupported file format” error. I have not seen this error since updating to 3.6.86. Now I can finally stream Performance Today and other programming from my local station over my PSA system. Very nice!

P.S. no volume reset issues here.

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Yes but only when lost ethernet connection.Never during listening.

Yes of course only on missing ethernet connection. This EXACTLY is the issue.