Bridge II doesn’t decode MQA after installing Sunlight?

I thought there were comments above from those with Roon using Tidal that have the same problem that I do.
Also others that have equipment from different audio brands.
Does anyone know of any settings in Roon or Tidal that would correct this problem?

There is a fair amount of recent online chatter about Tidal MQA decoding problems involving multiple audio hardware manufacturers, including Auralic, Aurender, Naim and Pioneer. It seems likely that this MQA decoding issue is a Tidal-created situation. The fact that it arose around the same time that Sunlight was released is purely coincidental … an instance of correlation without causation.

Serhan doesn’t seem to be having trouble with it. But as more info comes, it seems something funky is going on with Tidal.

Some people have speculated that this may have something to do with the current MQA decoding situation:



I understand that this problem may originate with Tidal.
But how do we explain that some can display MQA and others cannot?
My only goal is to find a solution to correct this problem for those who cannot get MQA to work such as myself.

Right and it’s a good question. I’ll try and do some more digging.


My DSD-DAC w/Sunlight connected with Roon/TIDAL is working just fine and decoding MQA without issue.

Same here with my DSJr with Roon/Tidal/Sunlight.

To be clear to all who read this thread.
I am only referring to the screen display on the Directstream dac itself.
Only FLAC,Unk,or DoP will display on the screen not MQA.
This does not refer to the signal path displayed in Roon.

Ah, yes this seems to be true. The PS Audio display can be finicky.
On my DSJr I’ve had success in getting the unit to show “MQA” by adjusting the settings in Roon as follows: (1) the device is set to be a “decoder and renderer,” (2) the MQA switch on Roon is set to “off,” i.e. Roon is set to do nothing, and (3) volume is set to “fixed.”

Any other setting, the DSJr displays “Unk” or in some cases “Wav.”

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My DAC display also shows the MQA decoding display on the unit as well without issue.