Bridge II linking to JRiver ‘Playing Now’

Purchased DS/Bridge II - 02 August.

After short period of settling in and familiarising with the DS I became aware that Bridge II wasn’t appearing in the JRiver sidebar under ‘Playing Now’ - following waking the DS from “standby”, unless I performed a DS reboot; after which, Bridge II appeared in JRiver - and music could be streamed OK.

I certainly wasn’t happy having to do a reboot each time I switched the DS on from standby, in order to link Bridge II to JRiver.

I checked out the DS display - and the various settings, etc. and did a few presses here and there. I was encouraged when every now and then, Bridge II appeared on JRiver following my random ‘keystrokes’ - without the DS reboot.

My “refined” procedure now is:

Touch the Tool icon (top left corner of display) - > Setup - > Reset Bridge.

After a moment or two - “Voila!” - Bridge II on JRiver.

Is this normal or a small glitch, which maybe fixed in a forthcoming Bridge II update; allowing Bridge II to link to JRiver from a DS switch-on from standby?

Otherwise, the DS is running in accordingly, currently playing or on standby 24/7. And my ears/mind are also adjusting to the DS phenomenon - as being different from my previous setup.


Although I don’t have a concrete fix up suggestion for you I can say that I don’t have this problem. In my case the link stays even afer a cold restart.

kendrew said

My “refined” procedure now is:

. . .

I have the same problem but it is not always corrected by the method you are using. Sometimes that works for me, sometimes it just doesnt. At times it starts working perfectly on first attempt and I get surprised. I wish someon could come up with a solution to this problem. This has happened with JRiver 21-23. I am currently using verson 23. Thanks in advance!!

Unfortunately I am having the same problem as well and I just got my Bridge II back. Initially it worked fine but now I cannot get a link on J. River 18. What is strange is that I do get a connection with Roon which instantly recognizes the Bridge II.

I have no issues. I am using a MAC and a PC with JRiver 23 on both.