Bridge II Update


Thank you Dennis for the 2.8.8 firmware. Everything seems to work very fine right now. My system: bridge ii, jriver mc22, synology nas, jremote on ipad. My last problem concerned the skipping of all files after the first file. I changed a setting in tools/ audio. I think ticking the ‘use gapless for sequential album tracks’ but i did not document the changes properly. If somebody wants to have a complete set of my mc22 settings i can supply them.

Anyhow, i tested albums with 44/16, 96/24 and dsd64 sample rate and they all worked fine for the following tests:

  • normal playing, no drop outs

  • playing the next track properly, looks like real gapless for all formats. Also manually chosing the next track is ok.

  • showing cover art properly. Remark: do not forget the sd card. Only art on display after 35 seconds or so. Nice if this could be quicker though.

  • showing right sample rate on display (dop dsd64, pcm 192/24 etc.).

  • showing right album, artist text. Remark: it is a pitty that the display does not show symbols like é etc. That would make it more high end. Now that looks like a cheap samsung… Jremote does show that right on my ipad.

  • using the time slide forward. Sometimes not working for dsd thought. Not used enough to be more specific.

  • time runs right on display.

So, very happy with these results so far. Will comment on listening later! So far it has been outstanding, worth every penny i used to have!


Berlin said So, very happy with these results so far. Will comment on listening later! So far it has been outstanding, worth every penny i used to have!
Hi Berlin, Totally agree with you. I am really happy with the DSJ performance, this is my first major PS Audio purchase. This forum and PS Audio team, Dennis and Paul are great.

Do you mind share your MC22 settings with me?




Hi Fred,

No problem, do it tomorrow.



Since I started this topic, I figured I should give an update. I never could find any network problems that would keep 2.7.11 from showing on my display for update. It was probably due to a firewall issue. It would be very helpful if we could get more information posted on here about things that can keep the update from working. In particular, I would like to know what ports are being used for communication.

In any case, thanks to Dennis I got everything working in my system using 2.8.8 and am happily using Roon. My digital system sounds better that it ever has before and all is good. All except for cover art, that is. I get no art on the screen using Roon, either for my local music or for Tidal. Frankly, this is not a big deal for me as I usually keep the display off, but I was wondering if this was a known problem.


2.8.8 does not reliably show cover art in Roon.


Promised to give my set of Jriver mc22 settings. I do not know whether all these settings are really necessary, nor can I say they work for everybody. They work for me, although I saw one reply mentioning faster art work showing up. Nice to know how that works!

I only changes settings in tools/ options: 1) media network, 2) audio

1a) check box media network, next, choose legacy UPnP.

b) add or configure DLNA servers


b) settings: DSP and output format:

c) track changes:

d) stop, seek & skip:

Good luck!



2.8.8 looks good on the DS Jr so far…Initially had some issue with J-River that might require some more research…

I tried the J-River settings posted by Berlin and seems to be ok though I seldom use J-River now I have Roon so its a low priority right now.

One thing that is working (albeit not quite to my desire) is track display changes.

I would like it to be persistent or to least optionally so for longer time / permanently - I don’t really care what the Bitrate is but I do like to know what song is playing each time it changes. Seems if the display is blank it doesn’t update flash on a track change either - But I might need to just concentrate as it displays for so little time if you blink you might miss it :frowning:

Can we get an option of what to display on the DS Jr screen when something is playing please and how long it stays there?

If the display is blank and I press On on the remote it flashes up the track for blink of an eye then back to Bitrate :frowning:

If I force a track change it does update :slight_smile: and if the display is on and a new track starts it does display too…just not for long enough to see it unless you are anticipating it.


I had the bar of white “boxes” appear on my DS display yesterday. It has since gone away without any action on my part.


Is there any news or estimation about a new release fixing the cover art issue?


Is the size of the cover art display on the DS screen a matter of an update or is it a fixed design? Thanks


Both. It could be changed, be it would need to be changed on bothe the DS and the Bridge.



Thanks, so Display could theoretically be updated like on the new transport and the cover art fix is still in research or short before release?


Hi Jazznut,

The problem of cover art changing with tracks is only when someone is using Roon.

With JRiver, Minim+BubbleUPnP it works perfectly fine with the last build Dennis gave me for testing.




Thanks but unfortunately in my case it only works partly with Jriver


Sorry to ask again Dennis, but there’s no official Bridge firmware covering Roon AND cover art on Jriver, correct?

I remember the last official version without Roon worked with cover art with Jriver, while the last official version with Roon did not.

If correct, is there any hint on a release date of a firmware covering both?


We are still working with the manufacturer of our BridgeII module to solve all of the problems. If you have access to a windows system and would like to try the latest version of bridge code 2.9.1 email me.



Hi Dennis, does this beta version deal with the cover art issue with Roon?


I’m running 2.8.8 (Dennis sent the file on 9/12) using JRiver 22.023 on a Win 10 machine over DLNA. Everything, including album art, works perfectly.

P.S. I don’t run Roon

ridom said Hi Dennis, does this beta version deal with the cover art issue with Roon?
No not specifically.



I installed it and it looks that the artwork is working better with Roon. Not quickly, but working. Quite an improvement. Many thanks, Dennis.