Cable synergies with PS Audio equipment-

What Cable synergies with PS Audio equipment-if any have any of you found work the best??? Including the new speakers?? Thank you…

Example :(Wilson speakers work really well with transparent cables)

Cables with wires in them seem to work very well. :rofl:


Iconoclast cables have a dedicated thread on the forum and several members like XLR interconnects and Speaker Cables, take a look.

Power cords: AQ Dragon HC especially for PowerPlants or AQ Dragon Constant Current for sources, recently SR Galileo for MK II and Duncan Taylor’s cables with a long history on a dedicated thread

HDMI (I2S): AQ Dragon 48

IME and as a 3 years old daily reader of posts on this forum.

Don’t ask @aangen which kind of cable he usually prefers with PS Audio gear or in general - he is the member with the biggest experience on this argument - (especially after last “bunny” damaged days),


For PSA electronics, Cardas. Not because I’ve experimented with every cable brand available (not even close), but because with my Signature Pre, 250 and (at one time) SPP I never felt the need to switch to any other cables. With every upgrade, my Cardas loom has spoken the truth while being imminently musical. I don’t own the FRs and have no speaker cable experience to relate.

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I use Cerious cables in my system

Sound great!

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Synergy is vital, but also dependent on personal taste. If the cable gives you more of what you want and also exposes you to new things, it’s a winner.

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Synergistic Research & AudioQuest with a preference for the former, though expensive!

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It’s amazing how many choices there are for hifi cable manufacturers.
But I think it would be safe to say that on this forum, the preponderance of happy audiophiles are using Iconoclast with their PS Audio gear. Or so it seems to me.


I like and have Iconoclast as well, and like the company’s philosophy of putting their cards on the table, so to speak, by revealing their design and how they make it. For piece of mind, however, I would suggest you audition this cable along with a few others from the Cable Co. and decide for yourself. Favorites will become readily apparent, or it will be a toss up, as it was often the case for me. Trust your ears.


^^^That’s good advice. Try some and trust your ears. If you cannot hear a difference, go for the less expensive, and consider yourself lucky.