Cleanwave Function on Power Plant

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I used to be religious about CleanWave but have since grown lazy. I still use it before starting any kind listening session.


In post 52 I mentioned how I need to use Clean on my P10s for a couple of minutes every hour or so. I listed the connected equipment. I’ve tried lots of things to establish which components respond the most to the clean function, e.g. is it the Directstreams, the BHK250s, or what. I couldn’t come to a conclusion - it seems that every component benefits and without doing them all the system will not sound at its best.

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Can you say what changes you hear when you use cleanwave, please?

And can you please say what aural indicators you hear when you feel it is time to run cleanwave?


George_P, please refer back to post 52. Dan.

Last night I was using cleanwave again and it wasn’t really getting me that great sound. I played tracks 7 and 8 from an XLO Burn in CD that I use from time to time and the sound afterward was stunning! Both methods are designed to degauss, but I have found that the XLO tracks are more effective for this purpose.

I presume that the way a PS Audio Clean (for several minutes) works versus playing a CD tackles the degaussing in different ways. With my very complex system the regenerator method definitely works. Hopefully someone who understands how both methods work will comment.

Also, George_P how long after playing the CD track for a few minutes does its effect last for?

That’s the great thing about the XLO CD. The positive effects of playing tracks 7 and 8 (which takes a total of two minutes to play) last a day or more!

I used to ride the clean wave button every 3 to 4 songs. I found after adding more pwer cable shielding a 3M AB7050HF absorber to the P20 and the other elements in the digital chain i can go days or weeks before I feel the music is not sounding right. The 60 second clean usually addresses the irritation. If it doesn’t I will look at the incoming distortion on the power. It has doubled for some reason. No amount of degaussing seems to cure the issue. But once power grid incoming drops back to normal I can see what my ears were hearing.

Even though the P20 output is the same or an additional 0.1 or 0.2 percent higher. Ears are more sensitive to electronic or electrical disturbances than one thinks possible.


I have a 60 second Cleanwave programmed as part of our Control4 startup routine. It happens once per “System on”. Basically while the Pre and Amps are warming up, the PP gets a double IR signal.

I don’t know if I can hear the difference, but for the cost of an IR emitter, it wasn’t much of an effort.


I used to run the 5 second Cleanwave and did not feel there was much difference when Dragon HC is in the system. Duh, I did not know there was a 60 second option. So, I ran it for the first time ever and I heard a vast improvement a couple of days ago. But now I do not hear much difference again. It takes time to build up enough “gaussing” to clean for me to hear, I guess.

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You are right on gaussing build up…just as music is dynamic
in it’s demand on current…gaussing can build up slowly or quickly,
no telling at what rate this occurs…

For this reason I run clean wave 60 sec prior to listening sessions.
Sometimes even between tracks when I sense a loss of the
subtle dynamics…the result is for the most part a positive improvement.

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I agree with David, I have found that magnetism can build up either quickly or slowly in my system. I have found it best to listen to some music first before degaussing, though. If my system doesn’t need it, degaussing can actually make the sound worse. I am not speaking of using the Cleanwave function for degaussing, as I don’t find using that to be detrimental. However, I continue to find using degaussing tracks, like the two on the XLO CD I posted above, to do the best job of degaussing. After I use them, I get incredible clarity, improved dynamics and incredible focus. Some days I need to play these tracks once or twice, other times I need it only once or twice per week.

After initial set up of a P15 a few years ago, I hadn’t paid attention to the clean wave function. After noticing this thread, I ran it the quick way the other day and the difference in transparency, openness and smoothness was immediate, even with a cable TV music channel. Since then, I’ve run it before turning on the gear every day. But what I’m noticing is a trade off: that is, what seems like an exaggerated upper midrange, the kind that makes longer listening sessions harder. With it, I’ve sensed a loss of lower midrange/upper bass, with the element of rawness of voices and instruments that goes with it. Singers now sound smooth that never did before. Without a reference system for comparison, I don’t know if that’s a good thing. I’ll have to try the 60-second method and see what happens.


All equipment should be turned on before running the clean function. Without a load I’m not sure what the PP will do - I think it needs a load to do anything.

All gear plugged into P15 must be turned on for
clean wave to have any effect.

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Hi David,

Do you know if cleanwave works on gear plugged into the Filtered High Current outlet if the switch on the back is set to HC?

Hey GeorgeP…since I don’t own a P3 my reply
will be a shot in the dark…

My thinking is that clean wave will only affect the gear
plugged into th regen part of the P3…However I could
be mistaken.

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Is HC outlet on P3 different than P20? I think I read P20 just ignores instantaneous in rush currents at power up so unit doesn’t trip overload circuit and shut down. After that it operates like the other duplex outlets.