Direct Stream Junior keeps disappearing as target device in Spotify and mconnect


Will give this a go next. Thanks Broderic.


Its also reassuring to hear someone else won’t be moving to NBN over the Old Optus Cable, personally I am dreading the day.


There is nothing wrong with the ISP supplied Netgear when used as a cable modem, but as a multi-purpose modem/router/access point they are rubbish. The LAN ports on the Netgear in bridged then become WAN ports. You can connect 4 routers to the Netgear if you want and they will all get a discrete WAN IP.

And FYI, I use the RK-1 as my primary router, and I have an R60D router that I use as a secondary network for testing purposes. Both are connected to the same ISP supplied Netgear in bridged. These are both Enterprise class routers, but the RK-1 is much more user friendly (and cheaper) than the R60D.


As Spotify pushed a software update yesterday you may try re-booting the network and see if that fixes it before buying anything else.


Thanks to all for the responses, would have replied yesterday but was locked out of responding to the thread due to to many posts and a newbie.


Ok I have tried the following.

o rebooted routers no success
o introduced a new router without success
o switched from fixed ip to dhcp. The bridge wouldn’t pick up an ip via dhcp
o switched to a new cable and port on the wall. Restarted the dsj, switched to dhcp. It now picks up an ip. At this point I am able to use the bridge.

It worked for about 3 hours and the in the middle of a song streaming through Spotify playback stopped and the dsj is nolonger accessible once more.

Very frustrating. Is it busted or buggy I have no clue now. Pretty much all components outside the dsj have been switched or replaced but the problem looks to persist.

Not sure where to go from here.




So much for my router theory. The new router you tried was not a Netgear, right?


The New router is an Asus RT AC88U. Running the netgear in pass through to the Asus which runs the network supplying dhcp services etc. it’s a weird issue. Bridge just suddenly disappears.


Hi @plb0202,

This may seem a little pedestrian but have you tried replacing the Ethernet cable? Intermittent problems like this can be caused by a flaky Ethernet cable.


What do you mean by netgear in pass through?


Its just acting as the bridge between the Optus network and my internal network.


So the Netgear is acting as a cable modem only, OK, I understand that now.

It would be useful if you could borrow somebody else’s DSJ, or take your DSJ to them, to trouble-shoot your DSJ against one that is known to work. If you were in Perth I’d be happy to help you out, but I don’t think you are.


Thanks for the offer Brodric, nothing like 3500km’s to get in the road of a plan :slight_smile:

I’ll keep trialing other options.


Magenta is closer, I’m sure they will look after you if you reached out to Mike. I think it will be helpful to have a known working DSJ to compare against yours.


Hi @mycrowave

Yep, tried it. No cigar unfortunately. Whenever the DSJ decides to drop off the network, or I turn it off via the remote the only way to wake bridge up is to perform a cold reboot and power it off using the power switch on the rear of the machine.



Do you have the option to return it to place of purchase? I think we have exhausted now what is reasonable for an end-user to self-diagnose the problem.

You know, there have been owner reports here of their DSJ being returned 3 times until they got one that worked. Maybe you should just get another one.


Hi Broderic,

mmmh, I actually purchased the DSJ second hand. According to the owner it was only 12 months old with around 20 hours use. It was purchased from Simply hifi in WA and the receipt for the purchase which I have a copy of indicates it was purchased in June last year.

Not sure I can do much other than resign myself to the fact the bridge in this is knackered and use USB only. Bit sad as the streamer capability was half the reason I bought a DSJ.


PS Audio 3 year warranty is transferable to subsequent owners. Reach out to Simply HiFi, I’m almost sure they will look after you. If they don’t, I know Magenta will deal with it, for sure.


I might try Carlton Audio or someone in Melbourne and see if they will help me out. Have also just noticed that the back of the DSJ around the network port and bridge is very hot. Is this normal?


Yes, that heat is normal.