Directstream products messed up after power surge

6 months ago I inherited a Directstream DAC & Memory Player.
1 month ago I ungraded PC and now have Windows 10.

It was all working fine until last night. We had a storm, there was a blip of a power surge (we’ve had power outages since I’ve gotten the new PC) and I’ve got problems.

The PC no longer recognizes the DAC and CDs are very distorted when played through the Memory Player.

Has anyone seen this before? What can I do?

Have you tried powering all components off for a couple minutes and then back on?

I’m pretty sure I did that but I don’t remember how long.

I reinstalled the USB driver and we are back in business. The component is seen by my PC and the Memory player is no longer distorted.


Thanks for keeping us posted with what fixed it! Re-loading drivers and a power cycle can work wonders.

So the issue was on the Computer side not the DAC. Interesting that the goofy driver some how managed to screw up the sound from the transport. Glad you worked it all out!

I sure don’t understand it but it definitely changed things…

Has to make you wonder what it was dumping into the USB input of the DAC that could cause the problem. I use a Wyred 4 Sound Recovery on my USB link from the computer. It works really well.

Disappearing and corrupted USB drivers have been an issue with Windows 10 for years and usually happen around an update.

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