DMP 3.10 released

The DMP manual makes no mention of the REPEAT options. I’ve engaged the first REPEAT option thinking it would play a whole album and then repeat, but it’s playing one song and then repeating that song.

Can I ask that all functions of the DMP be written into the owners manual?

Yes, it has to be the circle displayed for the whole disc. The Repeat is working now. It has gone through a few variations. Repeat worked perfectly ( for me! ) when it was running 1.94…

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Whatever it is they need to write it into the manual.

And the MyPS>Playlist isn’t working very well. The SACD I’m currently playing is not recognized. I do the “Search Discogs” (I’ve tried entering the bar code, and the artist) but the correct title is not being presented in the list. However, when I get outside the PS environment and search Discogs directly on web browser by entering the bar code the SACD is correctly recognized.

Why is it that a Discogs search in the PS environment doesn’t work, but searching Disogs directly does work? It would be nice if this feature could be made to work properly. The time it would take to enter track titles individually for a 7 disc SACD classical set would be onerous.

And another one. MyPS>Playlist has correctly identified the album and uploaded the album art but all the track titles are wrong. When I go to Discogs website the album is listed there and all the song titles are correct. Where is DMP getting all the wrong information from? Particularly when the correct information is available on Discogs.

I like this feature of DMP, too bad it’s not working properly. It’s the only SACD player I’m aware of that supports this feature. Server based systems do it, iTunes etc and disc recognition works in that ecosystem OK. My Kaleidescape system also does auto-population of album art and track titles, and that works pretty good. I would like DMP to show the correct song title and artist without me having to go and input up to 40 pieces of information manually for each CD that goes whacky.


Had one big pop at start of play on an SACD instead of the several little pops I had been getting.

No discrepancies so far with what was on the fix list for this update.

It’ll be up to the final f/w update early next year to fix the ongoing issue of carrying over of metadata from previously played discs showing on on currently playing discs.

The snaps, crackles, and pops (often more than one) are still there for me with SACDs when tapping the play button on initial play, also just before the music starts.

And letters of the alphabet in track titles that are attended by special characters (for instance, by accents) still will only display as as filled-in squares.

Press play with the disc tray open and see what happens.

Right you are. Mine also just loads but doesn’t play.

The obvious question is, how does it find its way onto a fixed issues list if it hasn’t been fixed? Presumably it was tested and found to be working to make its way on to the fixed list, but has somehow since been broken in the public release.

And another one. Adjust the dimmer brightness and see what happens to the logo brightness (my understanding was the intention is for the dimmer slider not to affect the logo brightness, apologies if I got that wrong).

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The issues I reported for 3.09 are still there:

1/ several times in the last few days, after inserting a cd, my [dmp] screen shows it playing, although I do not press play. No sound comes out and the timing bar shows 0. I try pressing stop, and the screen responds correctly. Then I press play but nothing happens. Ejecting the cd and inserting again worked in 3.09 but NOT in 3.10: a step back

2/ very often, the [dmp] downloads the track list but not the cover art. When that happens, the track numbers are tiny during play, unreadable from the listening position. Unless you provide binoculars with the DMP …:smirk:


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To be clear, with 3.10 the touchscreen of the DMP still does not always respond with alacrity. Case in point occurs soon after loading a disk and the touchscreen stops displaying “reading” and shows the playback screen. However, it takes the “play” icon approximately 10 more seconds before it will respond to a touch and change to the double-bar icon. Also, when using the touchscreen to reposition the tracking cursor, the cursor always makes a momentary sweep back to the beginning of the track before relocating to the position specified by a finger touch. So, in my opinion, there are still enough vestiges of the quirkiness (you can read “inelegance” and “clunkiness” here if you want to) of the DMP’s original touchscreen performance for me to not dance for joy over the latest firmware. Are touch inputs generally quicker and more reliable now than they were at the debut of the DMP? Assuredly. But after all this time and effort by PS Audio I now doubt their ability or commitment to refine things significantly further for the display and touchscreen experience for this device.


As far as sound quality goes with 3.10… I can definitely say that the transient attack on the recordings I have listened to are much more increased than 3.09…with an increase of speed topped with a more delicate rendering of sound. There is also this sense of a more refined separation of instrument location across a wee bit more developed soundscape in the recording space…making for slightly better decays. Very nice uptick in presentation PSA.

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seems clear to me that this situation will never be rectified…as an owner of the DAC,DMP and pre-amp I must say it is disappointing to say the least…I know people are trying hard but lets be honest we seem to be going around in circles here


Playing SACD on my unit is now back to getting hung up on PCM. With 3.09, I did not ever have this problem. I agree …one foot forward and two steps back. “It is getting a bit old now”…


I had an impossible time with 3.09 which got so bad I had to revert back to 3.07 to preserve my sanity. My friend had no problems as such with his DMP / 3.09 just the quirks like broken Repeat and the artwork & text issues … I have had no problems at-all since loading 3.10. But my friend is now experiencing problems with 3.10 when switching back from SACD to PCM - which he never had issues with before with 3.09.

Why is there so many inconsistencies between DMP players.
Is it timing variations, etc…? Just a never ending cycle…!

But at least, for a change, I am happy with my DMP running on 3.10

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Updated PSA DS DMP w/ logicware 3.10 - will be testing this weekend.

I haven’t tried 3.10 yet. I figured I’d play with Snowmass for a bit before loading in the DMP update. It seems as if there is so much unit to unit variation in the DMP that it will be near impossible to correct everything. An update that works fine in the units in Boulder work OK on some DMPs in the field but not others.

Since I don’t use playlists or cover art I can probably live with 3.09 because the SQ of the DMP is so good. From a functionality standpoint though it looks like we’re going to have to live with what we have. JMHO, but you’d think if PS hasn’t been able to fix it by now for everyone, it’s never going to get fixed.


I agree. I wish they did not release two major upgrades within hours of each other.
I would have delayed 3.10 for a week or so.

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True… It’s like having your Birthday on Christmas day …


I’m waiting for the bridge II firmware update; think by next week… yeah, what a NOV…

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