DMP 3.10 released

They should have released it yesterday, we would be overdosing on firmware …


DMP won’t read this disc at all. When the tray closes it does its thing, and then reports “insert disc”.

It’s saying to insert a disc when the disc is already inserted!

And now DMP is not reporting to MyPS>Playlist at all…

I just want it to work as advertised, and all features delivered as promised. It won’t happen this year. Maybe next year. Maybe not.

I’m hypothetically wondering. If tomorrow was the proposed first day of release for general sale of DMP…and if today the technical experts said this is as good as we can get our bits to work with the OPPO bits (i.e. 3.10), whether they’d sell it as it is now, or scrap the project.

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I think they never would have gotten to that point because the technical experts would have presented the problems to the decision makers at a much earlier stage of development.

Brod, ole pal (if I may call you that ; ) - you would seem to get the Prize for having the worst DMP built. Since it appears we know now that there is variability in how well different units function, can you see a day when you at least try to exchange it? I mean, unless you’re garnering some sort of satisfaction from it the way it is…

And forgive me if I missed a post where you’ve mentioned getting a different unit. But it seems like you’re beating a dead lemon, so to speak.


A delightful twist on an old idiom. Poor lemon.

Brodric, yes but I agree with andolink’s timing. I think the idea would have been scrapped before then.

It’s a damn shame because the SQ of the DMP is state of the art. I will live with the operational things because there is now nothing left (at least when it comes to my unit) that rises to a level that interferes with my enjoyment of it.

I acknowledge that I might have been lucky enough to get one of the better units as far as functionality goes…

My experience with the DMP going back to February 2017 has been hellish … But, since loading 3.10 it has functioned flawlessly …

“Now that I’ve said that it will in all probability nosedive”…

I only stayed with the DMP because I love the DS and I didn’t want to move away from the DS as both instruments play well together in harmony, plus - I fancy owning the TSS, hence why I’ve stayed the course and waited on the DMP to function as intended …

Brodric also wants his DMP to work as intended because he too would like to consider the TSS… But I think his DMP is a lost cause and he should either change it now for another one or buy something better/different…

Brodric has some of the best audio equipment on the planet and if I had his setup I would have returned the DMP for a new one and / or bought a transport to match his Esoteric dac.

From my perspective, if PSA couldn’t get my DMP to where it is just now - it would have ended up getting used as a doorstop or a bookend and I would go down another avenue… But things are looking brighter for me as the storm clouds clear away from my DMP…… that’s today anyway !!!


I agree with you. But that said, we too are beating on that sad lemon.

Just had my first pre-“splash” of the beginning of Track 1 upon loading of a disc since installing 3.10.

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I don’t think my DMP is any different to anybody else’s. It sounds OK, just has a few quirks. Returning mine for another one that sounds great that also has a few quirks seems pointless. I report findings with each software release not for any warped satisfaction to be gained simply by bitching about it, but to give feedback that can go into the pipeline in order to assist with on-going improvement. Particularly if something new gets broken, or if something that is reported as fixed is not fixed. Both of which happened in 3.10

I’m disappointed to learn that there will not be another release this year, not because there won’t be another release this year, but because further elaboration on why is warranted. eg the guy working on it is on vacation, or they might have just given up on it for the time being and are going to give it a rest and work on something else, you know, to give some professional variety to the programmer. I’m cool with that. Especially if he’s being reassigned to get the PowerPlay service back working again which has been down for months. In the absence of knowing why, however, a month worth of working time that remains this year seems to be long enough to do something to improve it further from where we are today and get it to us before Christmas.
My philosophy on all of this. If it didn’t have a touch screen I wouldn’t care. But because it does have a touch screen, everything the touch screen is supposed to do should work.
Paul has promised they will deliver. I will continue to wait until that promise is delivered upon, or that advice changes. But they do need to reach escape velocity with DMP before I will buy a TSS.


The remote start button usually balks on first push. I’ve given it 15 seconds… nothing. But then on the second try the music starts.

Here’s the box in action w the DS

Loaded easily Fri eve. Left ds on but not playing music overnight. Saturday I spent hours listening and again today. I listen at about 80db which is 100 on the ds and 28-33 on the bhk pre.

On the first CD I thought a normally clear voice was a bit spitty. Or was that the way it was? Or was it me becoming adjusted? Or something in my gear? There wasn’t a ‘moment’ of change but I didn’t notice more of that as the cd played.

Initial impressions: more life via rounder or bigger soundstage. Very clean. Dynamic, esp midbass. Detailed. Closer to reality. Good recordings are very good. Sucky ones still suck.

I only listened to CDs so far. Haven’t read any of the above comments so I’m free from influence of others.

Well then, pretty early in my listening I found my analytical brain had turned off in favor of the pleasure side.

Too bad DOPAMINE isn’t a mountain in CO.

Installed 3.10 this morning. While it completed the initialization there was a series of fairly loud ticks happening until the install was competed. Never heard that happen before with other DMP updates.

I posted yesterday on the DMP 3.09 thread, that I was experiencing some distortion while playing the Carmina Burana SACD, specifically the beginning of track 9, sounds like gremlins in the background. Sorry to say it continues with this latest update. This has been a problem in the past, and wasn’t present after my DMP was replaced once before.

Also noticed that the display isn’t consistent with how it displays the current track. I believe it should start out with the more detailed display, then switch to the simpler display that just shows the larger track # and progress bar. This is how it works some of the time, but other times it just stays on the more detailed display.

Sound wise it sounds like things are a little more detailed, perhaps a little too much so. I’ll need to do more listening to confirm.

I’ve just set a new record ….over 48 hours on the latest 3.10.O/S and my DMP hasn’t faltered once… Hallelujah!


Earlier today, while playing a CD+R, the little track indicator in the upper left corner of the screen was stuck showing track one as the disc advanced through the tracks. That’s a new one I hadn’t seen before.

It would be set to keep the amp off when doing updates. Having it on is asking for trouble. This is especially true for the DAC updates.

Don’t jinx yourself. i have seen some misbehaving but nothing too serious.

Always keep amps off and change the input from your source as well while the update is in progress.


Thanks Paul and crew for the hard work. Sounds great and works great for me. Don’t let the ones that insist on perfection get you down.

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