DMP 3.14 released

No offense. But why those new features? Why not just a high quality CD player with high quality sound? Sounds to me like another software nightmare.


It may be a separate issue you are experiencing than what I am describing. The long press is definitely not the issue with my remote. If I use normal pressure on the pause/play button and get the “click,” then hold it for several seconds, it still will not respond. My play/pause button will only respond to a hard press, and it doesn’t need to be held long. A quick, but hard press will do the trick.

@JeffofArabica I don’t have one of the remotes in question or a DMP but it may be that the switch on the circuit board is too far away from the button. See if you can shim the CB closer or add a small piece of material to the inside of the button. The same fix just worked for me on an ailing garage door opener.

I agree, a rugged, reliable and smooth operating device, no EQ, no cover art, just Digital RCA (coax) and I2S out, same UI as DSD Junior, SGCD or BHK Pre. A big track no and maybe sample rate and bit rate information. That’s all. I am not Gus Skinas, I do not intent to mess in anyway with recording SQ, the recording is what it is. If it’s trash and I find a better recording, the trash version will end up, …

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Exactly. Barry’s looking into this once again but our conclusion is that the remotes are fine. It is a programming issue.

Sometimes the fixes we come up with seem one way and we ascribe a culprit to the problem when, in fact, that’s not what’s happening. It’s part of the maddening challenges of product manufacturing. Hopefully it’ll be an easy change if Barry can

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No offense taken. I think that these are important steps forward in our quest for better sound.

That’s alright. The beauty of this upcoming device is you can simply ignore the features and use it just as you intend.

Best of both worlds.

Hi Paul,

I just want to be assured that P S Audio will still continue supporting DMP.

I luv my DMP very much. Using it from the time it was released for beta testing back in Dec 2016.

There are some problems - but nothing that stops my day to day listening.

Luv the SACD feature very much - so I won’t like to loose that capability.

Also, my other favourite feature is that I tag my CD in musicbrainz and DMP picks that up in a minute. It helps me to tag the CDs in a single place which can be them picked up by Roon, DMP, my Naim CD ripper, etc.

And not to mention again and again the amazing sound quality.

I really don’t have any reason for moving to the next one (especially if that does not support SACD).

So wanted to be sure that support for DMP continues from P S Audio’s side.




I’ve put this on my queue to take a look at. I have a few other issues on my queue as well ;), but I’ll get to it this week and verify we can reproduce here. Appreciate your patience!

  • Barry
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Yes, we will support the DMP as we do with all our products. The only caveat will be the drive unit. We have stockpiled as many replacement drives as we could purchase for the future. As with any mechanical device, over time it may cease to function, and as
long as stocks hold out for the drive we’ll be able to fix it.


Paul…Any prototype photos to share?

No, it’s just boards and metal right now. It’ll be in the same form factor as DS and the others in the PerfectWave line.

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Anything in the make / development / planning for the Stellar Line?

3.14 I believe

Thanks so much. Will try today. Also I have two remotes- I wonder if one will work where the other is funky?

Agree. No eq. No art. Just the best sound.

Indeed, you are not alone. No subscription software for my work, no subscription music service for my leisure. Period.

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Sorry for the delay, but I’m traveling now so can’t check, but 3.14 as I recall.

That’s fair enough Paul. Thanks for the confirmation.