DMP new firmware version 3.15

Just tried a thumb drive with 3.15 and everything worked perfectly.


Thanks, Gary…I’ll re-load and try again

It’s wonderful to see new updates for the DMP. Perhaps the next update will address some of the MyPlaylist issues, such as the large percentage of CDs that never appear in the list even though the DMP successfully downloads metadata and artwork.

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Wondering if 3.15 has changed any opinions about not preferring 3.0.6

I thought that any differences in SQ between the various releases were small potatoes in my setup. BUT I immediately noticed the instantaneous response to the remote control commands and absence of prior quirkiness and hiccups in navigating discs.

Can’t comment on cover art, since I listen with the display off. The equipment is too far from the listening position.

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What firmware did you have before installing the 3.15? You mention a “significant” improvement in sound, compared to what?

Some time passed, but it was probably 3.14.
Do you also have crackles when starting SACD?

Just tried a SACD and no crackles but I do hear one little tick sound just before the music starts. It is very quiet and you really have to listen to hear it.

I still feel there is room to improve this firmware. The tracking and track skip is bad

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I too would like to see an update,but I believe Paul already mentioned that will not happen… :frowning_face:

Being they decided to remove the touch screen and all the accompanying features It sure would be nice to see a little more polish put on the DMP firmware. When I last spoke with Barry he was going to send me a new load that would address the way the DMP sometimes requires a second loading of the disk to get it to play. That neve happened as apparently his efforts got redirected to another project. The DMP functions way better than it did originally but it still refuses to play some disks on a first insert. When I bought the DMP it was being sold as the last transport you will ever need. With the PST being so bare bones when it comes to the UI I want to enjoy the DMP for many more years to come.

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Awesome. So have a new model out at more money when the old one was never 100%. I’ll pass on any future PSA memory players at this point. Not worth the hassle.

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I’m likely going to post mine for sale. It works ok but I hardly ever use it.

James posted earlier today that the trade-in value of the DMP is $2499 towards the new SACD player. I find that very disappointing given the issues that most DMP owners have lived with and the going rate for used DMP in the open market. Since they don’t want to be generous with trade-in, how about one more firmware update? I’m sure Barry could do it, maybe not in the near future, but maybe in 6-12 months?


I don’t think a memory player makes enough difference in sound for the cost and hassle of ownership vs a great dac and decent source. I hear little difference between the red book from Oppo and SACD fron DMP to DS DAC in my set up. And my set up isn’t a slouch at all.

Janus Sig pre
P20 pair
BHK 300 pair
20.7 with JL F113.2 pair
MG audio cables
DS DAC and DS DMP or modded mac mini with Roon and Matrix Audio X-SDIF

I am strongly thinking of selling my almost new ( super little use ) Black DMP

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I personally feel the DMP was never finished, just abandoned as a project due to Oppo’s move. Which screwed DMP and Oppo owners from both ends! I own both!! Ouch! Hello Esoteric, how are you?



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Yeah, this has been far from a fun ride in audio-land.

I had an Ayre C5xemp player that went obsolete in part due to concerns over drive availability. At that point I went with the PS Audio separates DSD / PWT stack. The DSD half of that combo has been fantastic. The transport side, not so much. The PWT was discontinued soon after I bought it. I bit on the upgrade to the DMP to get “universal” disc spinning capability, but we know how that turned out - although the unit sounds really, really good on discs it does play.

I agree that the trade-in felt a bit short of the potential allowance that was teased, but I somewhat reluctantly wait-listed myself for the new unit anyway. I contemplated selling my DMP, but there are four or more on Audiogon (haven’t checked elsewhere) that have been there awhile. Plus, I don’t feel “right” about passing along to a potentially naive buyer a somewhat idiosyncratic unit that will turn into an expensive doorstop if/when the drive goes kaput.

Better it goes back to parts heaven at the creator and end the cycle of frustration.


OVER-HYPED and under-completed…and too quickly abandoned…Will probably NOT make PSA’s “Wall of Fame”…