DS MK-2 navigation stopped working after V2.3.3 FW update

I updated the FW on DS MK-11 to the latest v2.3.3. Now all the navigation buttons (including menu) on the unit stopped working even though system is working fine. I’m able to use the remote control to increase/decrease volume but buttons on the DAC have stopped working except for standby button.

Cc: @tedsmith to guide

@jsteinca pointed out 11 days ago that v2.3.3 FW link is wrongly pointing to strata FW. Was this fixed? Oils this be the reason for my issue?

You need to contact tech support at PS Audio so they can send you a force load to recover your DAC. They will be able to do so.

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Bryan talked about a hardware change having to do with available chips that control the buttons/screen. Older units (beta)had 2.3.3 and units that had the other chip have 2.3.6 both are functionally the same.

Karthick - You didn’t upgrade firmware, you downgraded. Your unit had 2.3.6 from the factory and you put 2.3.3 on it. I’ll have tech support get you a copy of 2.3.6 which will get you set. Sorry for the inconvenience.