DS MK2 via USB

Welcome to the club!

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I will not use the mini for much other than Bacch processing and Roon endpoint thus just paying Edgar to supply it an optimize so I don’t have to and he loads all the Chesky demos on it. . Keep Roon core on Linux since SGC handles those updates for major Roon roll outs. Many times too much processor is detrimental. If Grimm Mu-1 and its i3 is benchmark. I guess there’s always chance he may try sell us on multiple channel versus 2 since he is working on it. The absolute sound talked of that. I think two channel is as far as I would go since I have few multichannel disks and those are done well with True HD McIntosh processor I have.


Bagged a Cardas Clear USB cable… I will report in but it will take a few weeks!

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I’m actually in the middle of getting rid of my quite good multi channel setup—speakers, preamp, amp, SACD, and DAC. In the last few years there improvements to my 2-ch is such that I really don’t get the benefit of multi-ch.

Only problem is that I have a hundred or so purely multi channel albums in my library; those really don’t sound that good when Roon converts to 2-ch. Shame

Transparent USB cable directly from my Nucleus. Sounds amazing.

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Most of my 2channel is integrated with multichannel. That I feel lucky be able to enjoy same cables, amps, P20. I even disassembled my Blu-ray. DVD player and added 3m absorber and sent cast off HDMI audiophile cables to it

Yeah same with me. But then I disconnected my multi channel a few years ago to concentrate on just 2-ch and now I’m kinda like why bother with all this extra equipment and cost?

Just sold me Tannoy Stirling centerb yesterday. Now I’m committed. No way back with no speaker!

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Pray tell…

Sorry, didn’t understand. You want details of what I’m getting rid of and you want to buy them? :grinning:

Yes; and maybe.


I got rid of my center channel, surround speakers, surround processor, multichannel amps years ago when I got rid of my big ceiling projector (remember those?).

Now I use a B&W Formation soundbar and bass for a Oled 65", and my wife said it was the best thing I did for her. :grin:

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The sound is simply incredible using my Farad powered Matrix to I2S on the MK2 with YouTube!! My former MK1 has never sounded this good on YouTube, ever!!


Makes sense.

Mine was only for music. No TV our projector in my system.

Me too! Music system and HT are in separate rooms. Lately we spent a lot more time listening to music than watching TV.

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With my MKI/BridgeII gone and a MKII on the way, I’m looking into feeding it USB from my mac pro, about 40 feet away in another room.

I just ordered a 50’ optical USB cable, but it ends in USB type A female.
Any suggestion for a very short (can be a few inches) USB A to B cable to go from the optical into the MKII, that’s not too expensive?

Have you considered a connector?

Wireworld has numerous cables at different price points in shorter lengths.

And you can up from there. This is $20 for .6 meters.