DS MK2 via USB

Hi Bob,

I’m using a Pink Faun USB cable (directly connected from streamer to MK II or via Matrix) and an AQ Dragon 48 HDMI (from Matrix to MK II).
I found the Pink Faun excellent, warm and natural, accurate and detailed, it sounds silky and more “analog” compared to my previous AQ Diamond USB.

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Go to someplace like swappa.com and buy the Apple products used but is great condition. I don’t but any of these new, all used.

And swappa is very trustworthy.




Did you have a conversation with my wife recently?


Mostly about your diet and how digital audio may result in a trip to the tailor to ease some contention with the stitches in your Canali collection.

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From my Auralic Aires G1 to my DS2, I’m using a Wireworld Platinum Starlight 8 USB 2.0 all silver cable.

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Pink Faun 2.16 ultra streamer looks pretty nuts!

I just purchased a WW silver starlight 7 USB 2.0 as I heard this was better than the 8. Currently using a Matrix USB>Matrix>RAL II2s to DSD Jr

I just bypassed my Matrix I2S with Wireworld Starlight 8 HDMI I2S setup. So now I’m going Nucleus+ > Synergistic Research Reference USB > Uptone Audio ISO REGEN (w/ Sbooster power) > Curious Evolved USB Link > Mk 2 USB input.

It sounds terrific, but then I thought that the Matrix via I2S sounded pretty terrific too. I honestly could live happily with either one.

I plan on spending the next week living with USB, then I might go back to Matrix I2S.

I’m finding it psychologically difficult to leave a $1K HDMI cable sitting in a drawer! I will be saving it to try with the AirLens should it come to fruition before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

I have yet to mess with ground lifts etc on my Mk 2…


I suggest you remove the Regen and listen to it. You may find you don’t need it.

Will do. Was thinking the same thing, though since I used it with the Matrix I thought I’d keep that consistent initially…

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Always a good idea to not change too many things at once.

Have fun!

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Hi @shankha

If you can share your experience with the Holo Red, I, for one would appreciate it. If you have already done so, please let us know where you did.

Will let you know once I’ve received it and hooked it up to my DSD Mk1 (am waiting for the Mk2).

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I read through some of that thread on HeadFi. Seems like the Red requires some handholding to get it to work well.

And just as many users that got it running in no time. There are always those that have set up problems and most never open the manual’s plastic bag or watch the on-line guides. Same horror stories from a few when the Zen Stream came out but most myself included got it up in running in minutes by reading the manual before it arrived and not just winging it then looking for help on a forum all the while blaming the device and not the user error.

You can save money and use a M1 mini since they just optimized BACCH software for fast M1 processing.

It says you can use a Mac going back to 2012. So that leaves a lot of choices.

I have an intel MacBook Pro, could try that one day

With computers I normally tend towards buying the fastest one available at the time I am purchasing. I have found they have a longer lifespan and I replace them less often. Last year I replaced my seven year old laptop. Part of this is simply me being lazy. Setting up new devices is time consuming and frankly a bit of a chore. I get no joy from the entire process from picking one to deploying it.

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My head is bobbing way more with the USB input to the Mk 2 over I2S through the Matrix. I’m kinda sold…