DSD Mk II - What Streamer

I may have misinterpreted what you wrote. Do you have Eero access points other then the base station? Or just the one unit?

I have one AP and one BS.


That was what I was asking. Is the AP hardwired?

With the Nucleus+ now connected directly (no Matrix) to the Mk 2’s USB input with great results (thanks Vince), I don’t think that I want or need an Holo Red or a Zen Stream at least at this point.

I still find the AirLens intriguing, probably due to my fondness for the I2S input and the fact that I own an expensive HDMI cable that is currently sitting idle and that I have gotten such great results in the past from I2S into the Mk 1.

Time will tell…


No, it is not, but still very stable…



Less is more!


Some updates. I am completely happy shocked, but Plex UPnP streams DSD fine from my NAS. I always assumed that higher resolutions would get transcoded downwards. But up thru DSD256, the MK2 is telling me that it is receiving what I know the source file is. My Canadian exaSound DAC also tells me that it is getting DSD512 when I send files in DSD512. And here I thought I needed Twonky or MinimServer. 24-192 SHD seems to be coming across nicely from the Plex UPnP server too… or so the MK2 tells me.

I moved all my Raspberry Pi4s over to RoPieeeXL. I did like having LMS multiroom on the Pis and Squeezelite-X on PCs in the house. But two too many times I fat-fingered maximum volume on my phone, freaking out the dinner guests. Because I do not Roon… at least not yet… I will not have simultaneous multiroom sound any more by leaving LMS for RoPieeeXL. But wherever I go in the house or outside, I can move the sound via BubbleUPnP to the nearest device.

I commented the other day, but did not receive any feedback, that given how the MK2 handles USB input, I am not sure that there would be any benefit from buying an iFi Zen Stream or a HoloAudio Red… vs. using UPnP and USB via a Raspberry Pi4. It sounds like the clocks in the streamers mean nothing when feeding a MK2. Tho maybe that is just with USB. Comments based on expertise very much appreciated.

BTW, re my hissing problem using the MK2 without a preamp feeding an NAD Purifi Amp directly, the bargain Amazon attenuators did not work out. They were supposed to be both -20dB. But one was more like -5dB. I sent them back and ordered the Rothwell attenuators that @vkennedy61 mentioned. May take another week to get them though. Will report back later. Note: am still waiting on PS Audio to report back if they can reproduce the same issue or not sending from a MK2 to a Stellar S300 (ICE), which also gives me big hiss. The issue is not just with the NAD Class D amps (Purifi and Hypex Ncore)… but may only be a Class D problem.