DSJ Bridge II Roon Issue

Rather than rolling back the firmware on the Bridge II, I was lucky to have my Roon Nucleus close to my DSJ - So I have connected by both USB and Bridge. If playing the music off the SSD in the Nucleus I choose the USB connection. If playing from Tidal, I choose the Bridge with the only difference being that MQA works. If MQA is not important to you, then just use the USB connection which does not have the popping problems. I recognize most probably run Roon from a Mac or PC and it may not be convenient for a USB connection.

HQP is significantly better sounding than A+, though HQP has a more complex interface. But once HQP is set, Roon makes a great front end…

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Where did you find 3.6.2? I only see 3.6.17 on my DSJ.


It was under the “betabridge” sub-directory in updates.psaudio.com.

Thanks. Is there any improvement sound quality wise over 3.5.1?

I can’t really be sure to tell you the truth. Both sound awesome. 3.6.2 supports newer versions of RAAT and enables MQA, if that’s important to you. I just figure it’s better to be on a newer release for bug fixes etc.

I agree. The new version fixed some bugs and sounds really really good on my system. Between the Bridge 2 update and Snowmass, I figure that PS Audio has saved me thousands of dollars. . . . Was thinking about getting rid of my old Thiels but they have never sounded as good as they do now. Much better imaging.

Does 3.6.2 work on a DSJ the same as a DS Sr?

I believe 3.6.2 was pulled after they discovered a bug when displaying album art on the DSsr.

I checked with Jeremy at PS Audio, he confirmed that the 3.6.2 Bridge II update works for both the DS & DSJ.

Has anyone tried 3.6.2 on the DSJ? Did it remove the loud bursts? Any other complications?


I’ve been running 3.6.2 on my DSjr for a week now - no issues other than an occasional tick with DSD or switching formats. Prior to my 3.6.17 adventure, I had been running 3.6.2 for 5+ months.

I was successfully able to revert to 3.6.2. So far, no loud burst. Just a soft tick when Roon disengages, similar to the DSD tick. So far so good, thanks for the advice about 3.6.2 :pray:

The loud bursts a really annoying and I am concerned about damaging my tweeters.
It makes the bridge unusable.

@JeremyBe: can you please email me how to revert to 3.6.2 ?
@Paul: any plan to fix this soon ?

Hi Philippe,

I am happy to assist you with this.
Please reach out to me at service@psaudio.com and I’ll send the tutorial to you directly.

  • Jeremy

Thank you Jeremy.
Email sent.

Best regards,


Update : thanks to Jeremy’s fast and excellent help, I am back to 3.5.1, and I haven’t had any loud burst so far on Bridge 2.
It needs a bit more testing, but once again PS Audio delivers on outstanding customer service !!
Thank you Jeremy and Paul !
Now if you could fix the ticks and pops on DSD files on Bridge 2 …

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I really don’t understand how rolling back bridge versions is a solution to fix loud static burst ? After so MANY months PS Audio can’t fixed this problem. Great Customer Care !

Suffice to say, the dsd tick issue is unlikely to ever be resolved…

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Yes, I don’t think they care about Bridge 2 customers any more.
Time to get an Innuos or a Lumin.

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Unfortunately PSA did not build the bridge card. It comes from a 3rd party supplier so it may not be fixable with programming and may be an issue that is not easily repeatable or repairable by them. All of the cards dont have the issue and it may be an issue the card manufacturer does not know how to fix or wont admit they have knowledge about it. Many eastern world suppliers are sketchy at best.