Fave listening chair?


I find the chair matters little as long as I am wearing my full-body sound absorptive cape.


Well, sure, if you want to get technical about it ; )


This is giving a fairly “natural” presentation lately.

Though I usually face the other way. : )

(Gawdalmighty, that badbeef is a dick of the first Water…)


I have two of these in my listening room:



Kinda surprised at my enthusiasm for chairs. I have a similar thing for glassware for various sorts of beverages. My wife never shared that.


I like this idea for a thread. Room and Board sofa: home.


Roon and Board? ; )

Y’know…this is the thing - digging the happy enthusiasm : )

Excluding the angst.


“I need to have my head in a vise…”
You would love Koss Pro-4AA headphones, then.


OMFG! Had Them! Or “head” them. Heavy as hell. Kinda like some of the Awesome-est HP’s of today. But sonically worlds away.


I have to suffer through weather like this…so sad.


Nice picture. Like the flag in the corner: beautiful.


Looks awful. Hate the sun and verdant vegetation and so forth ; )


Half staff for Bush. Bought the place from the original owner, built in '52. He was a Sgt. Major, Marines. I fly the flag for him.


God blees 'em.

I appreciate the fact that you wrote, “So sad” vs. “Sad”.




If I don’t reply immediately from here on, it is not due to lack of interest - it’s becuase I’m off to a listening party, and I may be distracted from my online devices… : )


I bet you’ll chair that meeting as chairman


You know it. It’s a Game of Thrones ; )


Well done.