Fave listening chair?


I have had an IKEA Malung with footstool since 1994. Absurdly comfortable, and it reclines back a lot further than most. I once spent nearly 3 weeks in it in 2006 when I had a bunch of broken ribs from a motorbike accident and could not climb in and out of bed. It was also much appreciated during chemotherapy in 2011.




My Stickley Santa Fe…



Both IMG Majesty (chair) and Luc Recliner Sofa are very comfortable


Wow, that’s a thing of beauty.


Thanks Ron,it is as comfortable as it looks. My wife calls it the ‘kings chair’. So,as not to be outdone… she went ahead and got herself the ‘queens chair’…
It’s called the Stickley Leopold. She loves it! It fits her body to a tee with the ergonomically designed fit.


My Music Room Listening Device…


The Critical Listening Chair (not in position). Herman Miller Embody. Supportive, adjustable, no reflections or blockage of rearward hearing.

Love the back of this thing - both sitting in it and looking at it.


…and the Natuzzi leather recliner loveseat. Comfy, at tad high in the back - I like my head clear of the chair for listening. Eddie not included ; )

Actually would have preferred a single seat version of this, but it works out for the dog. The only thing making it less than ideal other than the reflective surfaces (which aren’t bad) is that the back and legrest do not adjust separately. It is electric, and the angles of both happen together, not always where you would like them. Still, not bad at all.


Hopefully, this is an unneeded accessory for your marathon listening sessions! :rofl:


thank you. still giggling.


Eames LCW. Not my dream chair, but if I had the $5,000 for my dream chair, I’d have a Direct Stream DAC and the same chair.


How do you like the Peachtree? I am in the market/searching for an integrated amplifier for my office system.



Mine is a 220SE and I like it a lot. I wish it did DSD, but that’s not a dealbreaker for me. Effortless power, virtually silent, and pretty as a picture. I can’t recommend it enough.


Thanks. Make do with that chair and save for a DirectStream Sr. This DAC is the single most material upgrade to my system short of my speakers…startling good in my system.


Is that a White Sox poster I see?


I do want one. I have a Sprout elsewhere in the house and a NuWave phono converter on order. I really should have ordered a DS Sr. during the November sale. Downside to the Peachtree is that it does not have balanced inputs although it claims to use a balanced design internally.

And I think I want Magnepans too. That room is probably too small and I have too many kids for that to happen anytime soon, so the LS50s will need to suffice.


Hells, yes. A banner. And signed baseballs. And figures. And bobble heads.

I have a bit of a problem. :^)


The White Sox have been my team since I turned 10. South Side!!


Since birth, brother. Sox Side Irish! :shamrock: