Fave listening chair?



My favorite chair because every time I sit in it I’m Blown Away!


I am hoping for some more price drops on new and/or used Peachtree Audio integrated amplifiers once their new, top of the line model hits the streets. I am leaning toward their current top offering; the nova300. Regards.


They’re on sale now. Hit Music Direct. The 500s came out so the Mocha Ebony 300s are on sale at the moment


10-4/thank you.


Important topic. If your back hurts too much to listen what good is a great system. This office chair from “ relax the back “ store works for me. Because of it I spend much more time with the office system than the big rig .


^^ Very nice. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get those acoustic treatments behind the Kefs?


My favorite and Ernie’s favorite!PD_5667_MAIN


Vicoustic Multifuser DC2. They are available at Music Direct , I purchased online from the manufacturer in Portugal. They have improved the sound in my 11’ by 14’ room with 11’ ceiling room.


A very famous rock star’s bog.


I never fit in an Eames chair… looks better than it seats… always wanted one but not good for the back.

Bruce in Philly