Finally....PerfectWave SACD Transport

I got it from The Cable Company because they don’t charge any taxes and is free delivery. Also I get a frequent flyer discount of $26.40 to boot.

Mine is the US 120v model. It uses the small 5x20mm, slow blow, 1.6a fuse.

I have the Beewax fuse on my PST and it makes the entire system sounded better. I have SR Orange fuses on three other gears that I thought they gave better details but sounded thin in some recordings. With the Beewax Ultimate the entire system sounded fuller again.

I pre-ordered a SR Purple fuse that I will use in the generator to compare with the Orange. I should get it in mid October.

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thank you!

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got the Beewax fuse from audio magic for 175. free freight. so anxious to hear sound impact? likely takes 100 or so hours to eval?

I heard the difference between it and the SR Orange fuse brand new out of the box. But it does open up and sound even better over time just like a good power cord would from break in.

Did you get the Ultimate Premier fuse? Was the original price $240? I didn’t know Audio Magic gave such a big discount.

Wow, if that’s the price paid for the Ultimate Premier, it’s tempting me to give it a try!

There are different levels of Beewax fuses, I believe the Ultimate Premier is the top level and normally retails for $240 US.

dont! lol. premier is indeed 240! I got it wrong!

My ‘frequent flyer” cost from The Cable Company would be $210.
I wonder if bigger spenders get even more than $30 off?

Which fuse did you get? If you got the wrong one, return it. The Ultimate Premier is the one to get. It is something else. Today it sounds even better. My friend couldn’t believe how good my PST is sounding when he was by earlier.

I have the ultimate premier beeswax in the DSD, an orange in the P12, and am about to pull the trigger on audio horizons for the pst and p3. Maybe they should all be the same, but that’s too much of a burden for me right now.

Take your time and do one at a time and savor each improvement.
I have replaced the SR Orange with the Audio Magic Ultimate Premier fuse in each of my PS audio components, the DS, the P20, and the PST and each time, it was a pleasant enlightening experience.


That’s what I needed to hear to pull the trigger on buying 2 or 3 Ultimate Premier fuses.

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so the Directstream DAC has two fuses? and the Perfectwave SACD Transport has one? or do i have that wrong.

Direct Stream dac has only one active fuse.
There is a spot for a second fuse that is a remnant of the same power supply when it was used in the previous dac.

There are 2 fuses in the DS. Just replace the one labeled (digital) with a 1a slow blow, small 5x20mm fuse. Leave the inactive (analog) one alone. It’s taking the cover off of the DS to get to the fuse is the tricky part.

thnx. as you can tell. I dont do know much technical. just play and listen!

anxious to get the Edcor xs4400 transformers installed in direct stream dac as well.

There you go!! That’s one killer of an upgrade! You don’t know what this incredible DAC can really do until you put those Edcors in.

It’s a great upgrade, but if you are less than technical (as you have said), you could use a hand and the appropriate tools. It’s not a beginner upgrade like a fuse certainly is.

Oh yeah. Sending it off to be done.