Gabriel Mervine's Say Something the latest Octave Records release

No, I tried every format from 24/44 to DSD 64, all 8 trilobytes of it. There’s nothing wrong with my tweeters, the Raidho ones in my office can be found in $250,000 speakers and I bought the speakers for the tweeter. The other speakers are Wilson.

Me too

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Thanks, Steven. Did you not download the booklet? I hope we didn’t forget it.

Here’s a link to download the booklet

Paul the thing that helped me decide to purchase is indeed
the overall quality and music type of this album. The instruments
percussion, bass, horn, and piano.

It may well be that while my system is not in the same league
as yours or stevensegal’s that the anomalies heard by stevensegal may well
resolve in my system…we shall soon find out.

Hear the audition on my atmos tablet which resolves quite well for a mobile

Best wishes everyone!!

Yep it’s very distracting for me too, especially on that track.

Listening on headphones.

Can’t really miss it @Paul

Gee Paul had I known a booklet was downloadable with the
download version I would have gotten the download version
of the album…

Thanks, just read the booklet so far.

Good to provide the recording photos, as people who think a Hi-Fi soundstage is something real, get aware, that they probably wouldn’t want to hear or compare the true studio positioning of instruments in a multi mic setup :wink:

The booklet is noted and available here:

You have to click on the Recording tab and go to the link at the bottom of the page.


Many thanks. The booklet was in the download, but I fell asleep waiting and when I woke up I just dragged the files onto my server.

Listening to Modern Jazz Quartet, first track up is Django and the brushes shimmer away delightfully. Recorded on Atlantic in their prime, 1960. Nothing wrong with my speakers.

Indeed. Don Grusin’s Out of Thin Air is sold out and until we launch the vinyl that’s be it for the physical copies. Thanks for supporting Octave and our artists and engineers.

I like the booklet, information about the musicians, instruments played, and recording equipment is always welcome.

As the notes point out, Mr. Mervine plays the workhorse of trumpet players, a Bach Stradivarius along with an equally routine Bach 3C. This is particularly interesting as this is standard classical “legit” kit, much less so jazz players or lead players.

I have often come across people who are very uncomfortable with the sound of brushes on a snare and interpret it as distortion.

I have found one of the tricks in recording brushes is to place a second mic below the snare facing up to catch a bit more of the body of the snare. One needs to remember to reverse the phase on the bottom mic or the sound gets really wonky.

I think everyone will become comfortable with the sound as they now know what it is.

By the way, the brushes and overheads were recorded with a Tim de Paravacini stereo AKG C24 tube mic, not a Sennheiser 421 (the MD 421 is an industry workhorse).

Fair enough. Thanks, Steven.

I ordered the SACD yesterday when Scott sent the email. Looking forward to listening when it arrives.

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Regarding the “anomalies” in the mentioned tracks…just realized
that when I purchase mp3 music from amazon…quite often I must repeat play
the entire album on repeat play in orer for it to sound it’s best. Freshly
downloaded mp3 music sounds pretty bad…but let repeat play overnight
seems “open up” perhaps even unpack the data in the music file and music
comes into what it should be…no imagining here…

So I am wondering if this could also hold true for Octave recording downloads,
the need for mutliple repeat plays in order to fully “unpack” the goods…

Feed back appreciated…

Thanks ya’ll
Best wishes everyone!!

Yes, we include a booklet now with every release. New thing that started with the Audiophile Reference series. Octave is a work in progress so expect something a little better with every release. We think it’s important to offer a booklet with every copy of the work. The booklet (as you can see) has extensive information about the artists and the recording process with as many pictures as possible.

I have noted the link to download it—and it’s at the bottom of the recording tab on the work.

The printed color booklet comes with the SACD so you get the 22 page book, the SACD/CD and a DVD datadisc in the package when you purchase the physical copy.


Thanks Senna1a …when I received Scott’s email is when I checked
the album, liked what I heard and purchased it…

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Yes agreed about the old way of thinking but to be honest, streaming is not going to be part of that equation.

Giving their hard earned music away for free neither serves the musician or the studio that recorded it.

Consider that we are making a huge investment in Octave Records. Terri and I just cut a check for $1.15M to buy a building and we’ll dump another sum close to that to build it out and outfit it into a state of the art DSD recording facility. That’s a lot of spare change invested.

We do not charge for musicians using our recording facilities. Octave Studios are not for hire. They are offered free if a musician qualifies. We then record and mix them, pay all expenses (engineers, producers, mastering, pressing, cutting, etc.) and release their work to our community. A generous portion of funds gathered from the sale of Octave releases goes directly into the pockets of the musicians. What’s left over funds the cost of goods sold, Octave’s payroll, the building rent, and ongoing expenses.

So in the end, qualified musicians get a free state of the art recording, a handsome meaningful paycheck for the sale of their work to our community, and a copy of the master tapes they can then release to their own crowd.

This is a new way of thinking about how to bring great music and great recordings into the world—how to support musicians and recording personnel in a way that puts food on the table and makes it possible to earn an actual living as a musician.

One day when the world opens back up again they can go back on the road.

Meanwhile, we are building something great that serves our community, furthers the recording arts, and supports musicians in a way that actually puts food on the table.

That’s a new way of thinking.


Thanks Paul. This is an incredible thing you’re doing.

To have the complete chain, from recording to playback gear, is insane.

When you say “and a copy of the master tapes they can then release to their own crowd” does this mean that if Gabriel Mervine wants, he can upload this release to Qobuz/Tidal?

After a certain amount of time has lapsed? If he chooses?

Now, that is something you don’t see often!

My download included the PDF of the booklet.

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