Getting colder there in Boulder? Flu shot time

Elk feel free to delete my post # 40. i will PM Mark.


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So Paul did you get to go camping…?

Yes, indeed we did, the next day. Went south towards Colorado Springs to Painted Mines. Cold, wet, miserable but beautiful. Here’s a couple of shots from there.

Spent the night in the camper and while warm it was still kind of confining. I think Terri and I have decided to give up on the idea of being RV folk. Not the life for us it seems.

Our next adventure is taking a road trip with the Tesla. Heading to California, maybe up to Yosemite. Tesla clamping in hotels. :slight_smile:


I struggle to sit down and still long enough for mobile living, too fidgety and standy-uppy. We lived a few years in a static park home (trailer home) -30 feet by 9 feet total, not easy and I spent much of my waking home time standing around in the tiny kitchen area.
Cliff Richard had it right in “Summer Holiday” at least a double decker has stairs and more space :slight_smile:


Paul Bless your heart…Thank you for sharing your story and the
beautiful photos of the Painted Mines

I was wondering if you were weather forced to give up
your trip…

Glad you and Terri got to go !!!

It’s never dull with you…!
Living in a static caravan! Was this you going through a gypsy phase, fairground work, your memoirs will be a good read :smiley:

nah, it was in (the other) Queensfeery though, and it hadn’t moved for 30 years. we were surrounded by retired folks and alcoholics, most of whom seemed to have Jack Russells, and “Rockin’ Roy next door who was like an old gnome and played the Organ complete with Bossa Nova rhythm buttons pressed. his wife used to sing. that’s the problem with caravans - no sound (or heat!) insulation …
both of us and a Border Collie (Max) and then a baby too.
it was pretty crowded, and when i stopped bothering with hifi very much - the floor was so sensitive to footfall (and the washing machine) that records were an impossibility!

Rockin’ roy used to parade around in the garden in flesh coloured trunks in the summer which was mildly terrifying, hence his full (unofficial) title was “Rockin Roy and his unbelievable underpants”. He probably could have toured the local pubs with that name, and, er, his organ.

late 80s early 90s.
i was a part time lecturer at a college about 25 miles away (Wallasey) for a while, working in their recording studio, so would bring lots of the gadgets home for the summer holidays and fill the (tiny) living room with a mixing desk and various stuff, i haven’t really changed :slight_smile: