I2S cable advice

Tell us please inquiring minds want to know🥱

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Looking forward to your thoughts once it has burned in☺️


It is a very good cable, Tubulus Concentus I2S. It is better than Audioquest HDMI Carbon. Much better.
I have PS Audio Direct stream DAC MK1, and It was very good.
But I buy PerfectWave DirectStream DAC MK2, and I would to take Tubulus concentus I2S on, but don’t could put in on.

PS AUDIO has make a mistake here. Screws are to big, and there is no place for Tubulus concentus I2S. It is a very good DAC. I love it. But it is a problem with this two screws.

It’s very easy to change the screws — I did so without any problems. You need what are called in English wafer head screws (‘wafer’ refers to something very thin). See post number 163 above to get the correct size. Just be gentle when you put the new screws in.


Received the WireWorld Platinum Starlight 48 on Friday, and the initial impression is very good. It offers an open and transparent sound without sounding bright, bringing out all the details in the music. Clearly the best HDMI cable I have tested between AirLens and MKII. It’s noticeably better than the other cables I’ve tried, Chord Clearway, AQ Carbon, and WireWorld Silver Sphere 48. Currently only 50 hours of playtime, I assume it needs a few more hours to fully open up :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, and I am happy you are pleased with it. I stopped at the WWPS7 HDMI and am most satisfied with it. A reasonable cable for reasonable people.


Recent arrival at TMR.

I have airlens connected to Ferrum Wandla using I2S cable that came with airlens. The Bass and lower mids are thin sounding, even after 150 hours burn-in. Anyone tried other I2S cables? would another cable give a sound with more impact and full sound? Any detailed information to be found regarding PS-audio I2S cable? How does it sound compared to other cables. Please quantify the sound differences.

A budget would be helpful in making recommendations

in the range 300-600 CAD

After trying them all, I would suggest getting a used RAL. I have not tried the Tubulus or AQ in that price range but others seem to like them.
A used AQ Dragon is $1200 when you can find one, and your search is over.


Further thought. Borrow three from the Cable Co. and decided for yourself. First hand knowledge is always the best.


This is not my experience with the AirLens. I started out with the PSA-supplied cable, tried one from Purist Audio Design, and ended up with a Tubulus Concentus. The cable can definitely make a difference.

I would look into the Inakustik Reference, Tubulus and Lavricable. The last two are silver cables.

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Dealer for Inakustic?


how about source for their speaker cables?

GOOGLE is our friend
Verdant Audio NJ.


Thank you

Inakustik makes excellent cables at nice prices. If i didn’t have all Stealth I might have all Inakustik.