I2S cable advice

Has anyone tried optical HDMI cables with the PSA DACs and/or AirLens?

Thinking about picking up one or two of these if they might outperform the RAL I2S cables I currently use to connect my DMP and AirLens to my PSA DS Sr. DAC:

Anyone tried these particular cables with PSA products…?


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I’m very happy with Wireworld Platinum Starlight 8 HDMI between my AirLens and my Mk2…


I have Vodka 48 0,6 meters. Will be better to switch on Coffee 1 meter?

Vodka48 is the newer model, and Coffee was replaced by Thunderbird48. Coffee sounds much better than the older Vodka, but I don’t know how much improvement AQ made on the new 48 series.


The Tubulus Concentus I2S v.2. It is not a do-it-yourself project! They updated to v.2 last summer ('23) to handle PSA concerns. Screw head size is no longer an issue, and the pinout (I think it is 19) is now wired so the green LED comes on as it should on the StellarGold and Direct Stream DACs.

Simple to plug in, use, and the sound is gloriously natural. Just specify version 2, and we are good to go. Note, it is a bit stiff so you will need 2" behind your DAC or transport. This probably applies to other I2S cables also.

And, they are really polite. You won’t annoy them with detail questions. I had lots of questions. They were unfailingly responsive. Buy it for the sound.

I have only bought 2 things in 30 years of marriage that my boss didn’t start with “How much was it?” The Tubulus Concentus v.2 and Iconoclast spkr. cables. She loves them and said they are worth whatever I paid. :slight_smile:

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Agreed. IMO you’d have to go to a significantly more expensive Audioquest Dragon to do much better.