Identify the Components Game

The Rega could be an Apollo as others have said, but it could also just as easily be a Jupiter or Planet. I had a Planet 2000 that looked just like that except it was silver. It recently took up residence at my sister-in-law’s house.

That’s got to be the ultimate in a high-mass isolation rack. :wink:

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+1 for a Rega (Planet) and the Sony seems to be TA-E 1000 ESD Digital Preamp. The Amp is quite challenging. Got no clue…

Looks like a Magnum Dynalab FT 11 FM tuner sitting on the left speaker…

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The capture below is from the 1997 movie “Absolute Power” directed by Clint Eastwood. The stereo is in the apartment of the Secret Service agent played by Scott Glenn. I realize it’s SAE but does anyone know if this was a well known high end brand, mid-fi? Any ideas what happened to the company?

From what I remember, circa mid-70’s SAE was High End for a time, especially the amplifier designs of James Bongiorno. James also designed the GAS series of amplifier, of which I owned the Son of Ampzilla. SAE equipment tended to have a busy look to my eye. SAE was known for their power amplifiers, parametric equalizers, and record de-clicker. The Stereophile write up summarizes the company below:

American Psycho, Harmon Kardon electrics and Kef speakers playing Hip to be Square.

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Agree. Seems like a lot going on in terms of controls.

Next one is likely easy but here goes from “Love Lotion No. 9” (1992)

Identify the components!


Can´t believe that this is some 30 years ago…
From left to right, Krell Amp KSA-250 (or 150), Krell Phono/Preamp KBL/KPA, then an early Oracle Delphi, maybe Mk I or II, and the Digital Combo MD-1 and SBP.

From the hit series BOSCH…

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Background amplifiers are by (The) Krell…


Ohm Walsh speakers. McIntosh mc2xx amp and pre. Marantz turntable?

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And Marantz receiver and turntable. Old school , but :blush:

Today’s challenge is from the Showtime series “Billions”

Season 3 - Episode 5.

Any ideas as to the turntable brand?

VPI if the question was serious :wink:

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VPI Prime Signature.


In Rosewood🙂

This one will be easy.

From the 2011 movie “Limitless” starring Bradley Cooper.

I always wondered what brand of speakers they used in “A Clockwork Orange”?