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B&o, Bang & Olufsen. A lifestyle product to be sure. THey did make a great Moving Iron cartridge though, just ask Soundsmith’s Peter Ledermann. I had a B&o 4002 for a bit then moved on to my Linn Sondek. I can’t say I miss the 4002. Stunning design that many a female friend thought was cool. The Linn bettered it in every way.

Friends Sitcom Stereo 01

Martin Logan Aerius?

ML Aerius. Definitely for visual appeal. That close to the wall and the giant entertainment center the sound quality would be brutal.

Fabio system pictured is the original Martin Logan statement system with a young Gayle Sanders pictured also. I read that Fabio may of had a pair of IRS V’s. Maybe @Paul could confirm.

I remember my hifi dealer telling me about those in friends, whilst I coincidently was buying a pair back in the day. Apparently when they first appeared in friends they were correctly setup more in the middle of the room, but after that they were shoved up against the wall.

And also ML SL3s in 2nd picture. I went onto those after the Aries. Mine sounded great and are probably my favourite ML speakers I’ve ever owned (I’ve had quite a few and still do), great bang for the buck.

I had them, too after the Aerius, but in terns of coherence between panel and bass, they were both far worse than the Maggie I had before, the SL 3 even more so. At the end they were an interim status for good reason and fine for that at the time, but nothing I’d personally recommend afterwards…in contrast to the small Maggie before, which was my first „high end“ speaker. This one I‘d still recommend by now.

I think I just liked the sound they made in my system at the time. You’re right the bass was not tight, but a bit soft and wallowy, but I loved it.

I had many hours of fun dropping a plumb line down the side to adjust the rake to get the ‘perfect’ tonal balance.

This is from the 1983 movie “Risky Business.”

Any idea on what brand the EQ and tape deck might be?

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I remember the late 70’s when Radio Shack was into Graphic Equalisers like that. I used to think, Wow, I want one, with all those sliders!

I find the EQ settings amusing. Which I’m sure was the point.

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It looks like a Phase Linear Model 7000 Cassette deck.

In that scene, the father is scolding the son (Tom Cruise) because he changed the EQ to those settings.

Yes, and my assumption has always been that those settings were intended to be amusing to audiophiles.