Jay's Audio CDT2-MK2

How does the Jay’s transport compare with the PWT you still have on hand @ aangen?

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Ey-yo-AL–We’re waiting…

A DMP behaving…errrr… badly? The world hasn’t heard something like that before. I’m shocked! What does it do (that mine doesn’t)? Seriously…

After years of working perfectly, it has intermittently stopped responding to remote or touch screen.
And yes, new batteries and yes, reboot…
Very intermittent but nonetheless aggravating.

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I won’t likely ever be able to personally answer that question. The user here who told his story said he was a huge fan of the PWT. He said he has owned three of them. But he said when he bought and listened to the CDT2-MK2 that was the end of that. He thought the latter sounded a lot better than the former. I am so impressed with the CDT2-MK2 I am not even interested in plugging the PWT in again. It always sounded wonderful to me though, it’s a fine unit. I believe it will find a new home.

You should see the remote control for the CDT-MK2, it’s magnificent! The build quality of this gear is second to none.

You told the factory you want to use i2S via HDMI to a Ps Audio DSD and they changed the wiring of the Jay’s HDMI input on the transport for you ?

They now have an internal dipswitch array, more switches than previously offered. I told them I wished to use i2s to my DSD and they said no problem, it will come setup to work with the DSD with a normal cable. So I plugged in my Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 HDMI and it worked fine with zero issues from the first use. No cable adapter required, no rewiring required. Plug and Play.


Sweet !!
Happy Transporting !!

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A neat feature.

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There was some concern as to whether or not it would work. It works perfectly.


Thanks for the prompt and candid reply @aangen. Well I’ve been wavering between replacing my PWT with this or a fully Oppomodded 203 with the I2S card. They are almost the same price and the latter could do double duty as a multi-channel source… But I suspect the CDT2 would be the superior sounding piece.

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There is one issue that you may need to consider with the CDT2-MK2… according to the manual, the CDT2-MK2 puts 5v on pin 18. I don’t have a listing of the switches, but I’m not sure they include an option to turn the 5v off… this is necessary because the DS DAC also puts 5v on pin 18.

The downside of this (at least from my experience with the oppomod 203/I2S) is two things: 1) With the CDT2-MK2 on and the DSDAC off (with the back switch), the screen will flash and firmware won’t properly update, and 2) the SQ will not be optimum if both units are putting a voltage on the pin.

I’m not sure Jay’s is aware of this because I recently ordered an adapter from them to block pin 18 and the one they sent did not -when I contacted them, they said they sent the adapter for the DSDAC and seemed unaware of the 5v issue. I was able to modify the adapter to block the pin myself and it now works properly… just thought you should know.

I not sure it will sound better, but I am certain the build quality is higher. One downside though, is the Jay’s will not play SACD -the oppo will play them over I2S.

Also since Jay’s is strictly a CD transport it won’t be able to play any hi-res DVDs you may have burned for playback on the PWT.

Here is the response I got from Alvin, the distributor of Jay’s Audio:

Dear Allan,

Thank you for your email. I’m Alvin, global distributor of Jay’s Audio product.
Yes, we implemented a dip switch in the CDT2-MK2 to defeat the Pin 15&18 so that to match the HDMI i2s output wit the PS Audio DSD DAC. They are not compatible without the need to have external adapter. A regular HDMI cable would work as interconnect between the CDT2-MK2 and PS Audio DAC.

We can configure this setting in the factory. When you receive it, it will be plug & play.


I have no experience with oppomod gear…

That is a sexy bit of kit. Enjoy! Also, let us know if you notice break-in changes to the sound.

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Sounds great. I’m glad it worked out for you.

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My DMP is not responding to play a lot more now…generally… I have to open and close the drawer [sometimes more than a few times] to get the thing to play…frustrating big time!!!
I too have been eyeing up the Jay transport…

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I would love a chance to actually hear a DMP. I may never know what I am missing.

I’ve got to say, recently I’ve been playing a few discs on my DMP, it really sounds great. Thick and dynamic. I’ve had it for a year and a half or so, hardly used it! (I usually stream from Qobuz, Tidal, and, my local server). I think it may be burning in now. Lol.

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