Jay's Audio THE Flagship CDT3-MK3

I’m sort of yearning for the same and am considering the new Hegel Viking CD player but I’ve been without much of an optical spinner for a long time.

Love the look of Hegel stuff, that’s for sure.

Curious it has no digital inputs, and only BNC digital out.

Does anyone use BNC? In all the cable discussions out there, I’ve never even seen it mentioned once!

Here’s a link to a recent review:

Received some pretty high praise form Mr. Lavorgna…

It sure is a sexy beast (at least to my eyes).


I have been using Tubulus Concentus I2S v.2 for 8 months. Amazing; no glare or harshness. Very neutral, musical.
Also, very conscientious service. I had lots of questions that they answered very completely over a period of months. Think Paul without the exclamation points. :slight_smile:
Pleasure to deal with them and listen to their I2S cable. Their v.2 uses PS Audio pinouts. I use it btwn. Jay’s CDT2Mk3 > StellarGold DAC.


Which hdmi stripper are you using?? I found several and am curious which one you have had success with for your Oppo. Thank you

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Welcome to the forum. I’m not sure what a HDMI stripper is but my 203 has the I2S card I purchased from https://www.oppomod.com/