Lost a family member yesterday


It is, of course, a cat thing.

My post was a bad pun.


Yes. I am so sorry to hear this. I too had a similar situation with our 12 year old kitty. You just have to grit your teeth. I am
Glad you have someone there living the life of luxury for 29 years. Wow.


@Chops - Condolences on the loss of your kitty. Our pets hold a special place in our hearts. That will never leave you.


It was an awesome pun. But that’s me, as I love puns. And I love cats. Mysteriously, they seem to love me, I appreciate their indifference, despite being more of a dog person (on the tiny, silly, dog/cat Binary animal spectrum). Llamas need not apply ; )

I had a friends’ cat climb into my lap, and I was petting him while we were sitting around talking, and they had a shocked expression on their faces.

I asked, “What…?”

And they said, “He NEVER DOES THAT” : )


Probably everyone who has lost a pet and utilized a service to inter or cremate them has gotten this, which, sappy as it is, made me completely lose it:

Sorry to call it sappy. Just true.


There is one more thing I would like to add.
When the time comes go in with them.
I have made a lot of mistakes, done things I am not proud of. Over the years I have been able to forgive myself for all but one. And that was turning my first dog over to the vet and leaving. I stayed with my next two dogs, was able to be sure they didn’t suffer, or feel alone. I will never forgive myself for that act of selfishness
I always tell people that I am a dog person, but that I like cats, I just don’t understand them. They are beautiful, mysterious creatures.


All great messages Shared, indeed…our furry ever faithful has also convinced us that we have observed true feline audiophilia. :blush:


One develops a relationship with a cat only if the cat is interested. The friendship develops slowly and becomes more complex with time.


Hence their shock. I suppose that’s why the Mars/Venus Dog/Cat thing. But I have an aversion to those sorts of binary oversimplifications of Life in General.


It is definitely not this simple. :slight_smile:

But the cat decided you were a likely candidate and was testing his best pick-up line.


So very sorry for your loss. My little buddy, Henry–a poodle-- was put down a year ago. I miss him still.


So sorry for your loss -surely there must be tons of stories in that household though. Come to think about it, my black cat Oscar is the creature I’ve loved and empathized the most with. And that includes humans.