My humble system in the den

  • PS Audio Sprout100
  • USB: Mac Minis for Roon Core and Bridge (inside cabinet; NAS storage in bookshelf on left side)
  • Vinyl: Thorens TD-150 MK1 turntable (circa 1965 or early 66, as it’s Swiss-made, not German)
  • Analog: Sony XDR-F1HD FM/AM Digital Tuner (mostly for amusement; craigslist find for $10.)
  • Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus speakers
  • Cambridge audio Minx 201 Subwoofer (in bookshelf on left)


What is a den?



Small room where I can retreat for writing or quiet time or music listening as long as my 16-year-old doesn’t swipe it first to do his homework.

The Brits refer to such a room as a snug. It is a bonus room used as a lair, think animal den.

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“Snug”: Too generic a term. Well, just going by where I live in the UK: Snug is a room attached to the rear of a pub.

My gran came from the islands: Isle of Skye: she would frequently use Gaelic words or phrases and one such word was ‘Cosagach’ when she put us kids in our beds. The meaning – SNUG: …cosy, warm, restful.

I have never heard snug used as referred to a den in a house… It possibly does somewhere, but not in my part of Scotland. My dad had a Den but it was his home office space, filled with loads of paper, folders and books, etc. but no hifi, (no computer!) - and definitely no kids…!

Brodric’s Den = Magico room! :grinning:

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In the modern vernacular also called a “man cave”, but most of those come off as a small home version of a pub, with lots of sports related decorations, bar, and big screen TV.

My study is dedicated to audio in the front and home office in the back.


I have Mpods to install in my den, or whatever, when I get home next week.

Due to your overseas vacation: Absence makes the heart grow fonder - because you have been separated ‘far too long’ from your beloved M3’s, you could effectively stand them on hefty cotton bobbins and they will sound wonderful to you…

Similarly, if you were to substitute your fancy ‘Star Trek interconnects’ with other interconnects, the ones that come “free” with a 50 bucks DVD player, the ones with the molded on plastic-body phono plugs, and the wire has a cross-sectional area that of a human hair, they will sound great in your system after 2 – 3 weeks suffering music from your phone or iPad … :wink:

I always love the fresh-sound of my system after returning from a long holiday…! Looking forward to hearing how the Mpods improve your speakers.

I agree with Dirk. A snug is a small back room in a some pubs. I suppose it is possible that the UK liberal metropolitan intelligentsia for whom the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ is a new fad might take to christening a room a snug, but it hasn’t happened yet.

if i want hygge in my den i just light a candle

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:grin: Possibly…!

I’ll have the roasted quail with the mango salsa.

Nice setup. The Sprout100 is such a Swiss Army Knife.

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I have an English friend who mentioned this. It may be local usage.

I helped man one of the “entry level” rooms at the RMAF show in 2017. The room featured a $1,500 system based on the Sprout and the KEF Q350 bookshelf speakers (on the KEF performance stands) with a Music Hall turntable. The SQ pleasantly shocked more than a few attendees. :grin:

It’s a gem of a device, and I keep looking for a way to justify one somewhere in some other part of the house, but the main room is in need of further acoustic tweaking, which gets priority for now.

What I’m finding interesting about the Sprout, is that I’ve hardly had any need for the bluetooth input. At least not yet. Because it resides in what is now known as the HyggeSnug®, I have plenty of other sources at my disposal.

I could stream Radio Paradise, I guess, as there’s no FLAC link for Roon to access (best is 320 kbps), but I can use the web FLAC stream on the Mini that’s running Roon Bridge, and output to USB.

I suppose I could bluetooth the audio from my phone’s police scanner app to the Sprout. That would be relaxing.

Here is the view from my den, this morning. Looks like a H-bomb blast on Bikini Atoll. 16,000+ feet to the bottom. That’s a long way down.

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Altitude and depth fascinate me. When piloting a plane I often translate AGL to horizontal ground distances, and the same when contemplating depth. While I believe it it is true, I have difficulty grocking four miles down in water.

Over 7000 psi at that depth. Deeper than Titanic (12,500 feet).

A few minor upgrades…

Built a prototype plinth for the Thorens TD-150. I’ll make one out of walnut or bubinga or godknowswhat later, but wanted to cut my teeth on some cheap baltic birch plywood. Now that I have the original one off the table, I can use that for exact measurements. HEAVY! 18.4 lbs. Sounds great. Looks nice, even in plywood.

And I built a couple of simple risers for the Silverlines. I’ll probably paint these a gloss black to match the piano black of the speakers.

IMG_0626 IMG_0628


Mullet Room! ; )