My recent experience with Revelation Audio Labs

Sadly it is a recognized part of the process in order for many of us to get our cables. Waiting longer before you threaten PayPal action DOES NOT SERVE YOU. Being nice is pure foolishness.

I bought two cables, I threatened PayPal action both times, the cables arrived shortly after.

How many times must I tell you this?


I’m sorry guys, but you’ve been told not to put your hand on that hot stove. They are not the only game in town. If you still chose to place an order with them, well its your money and time. It doesn’t look like any amount of $itching is getting through to this guy.

I have an RAL hdmi. It sounds very nice. But not so much better than my Harmonic Technology Magic or PS Audio AC-10 to make all Brad’s bs worth it.
I’m putting a system together for a friend and we have one on order and it’s not the waiting that’s the problem. It’s the lying.
Some examples:
“If you order now, I’ll sell it to you for $499 and ship next week for sure”-----nope (weeks ago)
“You’re the next one to go out, just a day or two”—nope
“Yours is in the cooker. It’ll go out this week”–nope
“Yours is in the cooker…”—nope
Somehow, he just can’t be honest with his customers. I regret doing business with this character. He beclowns himself with his style. I’m embarrassed having recommended him.


The only reason I have not ordered from him,and never will. Not interested in that kind of stuff,world is full of cables anyway.

Yep, placed my order using PayPal for exactly this reason, figuring I’d have to pull that trigger at some point.

I did. And it worked as expected.

A strange process, indeed, but so far predictable.

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Yet again glad I got mine used from you, Ron. And as a lover of language, I’d never heard of, but love “beclowns”. Had to research, and one of the fun bits I found was:

"I only believe it is cromulent to accept a new word in the English language if there is no equivalent word that expresses the same meaning as well. New words such as “beclown” embiggen our language.

From the Urban Dictionary, beclown means:

To make a complete idiot of oneself in public. To behave or speak in such a way, or to make a comment or express an opinion that is so profoundly witless, senseless and obtuse, that you have forever after defined yourself as a person of comical value only. Never to be taken seriously again. Of worth only as an object of ridicule and derision."

…“cromulent” and “embiggen” apparently both from an episode of The Simpsons.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No way I can beat that! We all learn at the feet of the master. :sweat_smile:

So I need to change my handle to beclown?


I howled at The Simpsons when Homer needed to pray for help so he prayed to “Jeebus”

I didn’t want to but placed the dispute on the credit card. We will see if and when it arrives.

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I picked that up from my daughter, not realizing its origin.

My feeling too, now I ordered mine on 7 April and has no news from Brad. I’m not afraid to wait one month, it’s not the point. Just Brad’s style of communication, very weird to say less…

I’m giving up on Brad… order was placed on Jan 24. No communication at all (except the automatic order confirmation and of course the PayPal charge). Sent a request for an update on Apr 3 (I think that is MORE than generous amount of time to deliver…) and was promised that it would “ship next week”. I sent another email on Apr 25 basically stating that I need either a delivery date or I would file a PayPal complaint. Got an answer the same day that the order was “next to ship”. It’s now a few weeks later and I just filed the PayPal complaint.

This is not how to run a business… you can’t take someones money and NOT delivery and to make it worse, ignore communication.

I know I will miss out on a great product, but the aggravation is simply NOT worth it.


Would not be at all surprised if a cable magically showed up at your doorstep . . .

If it does then I’ll give it a listen… not holding my breath however

Mine magically appeared a few days after I was refunded by my credit card company. Brad then asked me to re-instate the funds if I choose to keep the cable, which I did after hearing it.

I would have said your charges will be reinstated first thing next week.


You are right, I should have said, Brad, my payment for you is the “next to ship”, I promise.


I ordered mine 3 months ago today. I contacted my credit card company and opened a dispute. I will keep everyone posted.


What a trouble to go through, sorry for your guys. I have been waiting for my AQ Firebird 48 HDMI since late March. Another couple weeks I may have to try the PayPal trick.