P15 Power cord recommendations

what is your system?

Wow! For only $450/ea is a real bargain.

A 2012 Mac Mini streamer with Mojo LPS, a SoTM sMS-200ultra network player, PS Audio Direcstream dac, BHK 250 amp and Power Plant P15, Wyred4Sound STP-SE preamp and Boenicke W8 loudspeakers.

yeah, looks like a good deal. What are you using in the DS Dac?

Impressive! Yes quite a few users of Pangea swear by its performance and value for money. Unfortunately it comes just with US and Schuko plugs.

Sometimes cable fakes are sold by individuals online. I have always used dealers to keep my sanity. LOL

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good point. He does have reviews which is a plus.

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Be careful. There has been a lot of chatter on this site about counterfeit PS Audio AC12’s.

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Thank you for that heads up. I hadn’t read anything. then again, I have not looked very deeply into it. I read the Cardas and other line being ripped.

I use a Transparent Powerlink MM2.

is there a way to tell from looking at it, feeling it, or needs to be opened up?

It’s been a while since this was discussed here.
I do remember folks talking about weight, or length or markings. But I don’t recall any conclusive way to identify a fake, short of perhaps sending it to Boulder for confirmation.
Perhaps @Elk or @jamesh will comment.

I was able to go back and find some of that chat. Quite helpful.


Not to hijack my own thread here, but theoretically if I were to take a counterfeit cable and plug it into my P15 would I see more THD coming in than the original stock cord?

As with any legitimate product, it’s about what’s inside.

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It’s quite hard to tell for sure. The typos on the box is one of the best indicators. Also, the quality of the printing on the box is much worse as well. One of the only ways we can tell for sure is if folks send them into us. We can then verify authenticity here at the shop.


ok, thanks. I was hoping I would be able to spot by eye, feel or certainly listening to it in my system.

I ordered the AQ NRG-Z3 from The Cable Company. I received an email a few days later stating that the Z3 cord was back-ordered and would I like a free upgrade to the Monsoon? Very nice cable and I am using it with my Stellar PP3.


That is a nice upgrade. They’re very considerate.

I’m in the process of switching from AC-12’s to WyWires Platinums for the major components of my system and expected to need one for my P15. However, Alex of WW actually reduced my order by one, explaining that the AC-12 was fine, since the point of the regenerator is to regenerate anew. I’m not sure that’s entirely true, since sticking a Kimber Palladian and a TWL in there did change the sound relative to the AC-12, but at the same time they had the least effect of anywhere I tried.

I currently have the PSA AC12 cable from wall to P15 with very nice results. Albeit, I have never compared it to anything else other than the stock. I do have 2x Pangnea AC9SE mKii arriving today, that I’ll play around with in different positions.