P20 stuck on initialization. Help needed

After a few days in contact with @jamesh and mainly Steve from PS Audio (kind guy, very responsive) it seems that there is a faulty oscillator board to be replaced.

I asked both Travis from PSA and the Italian importer to send me a new unit to replace the brand new faulty P15 (I bought it less than 4 weeks ago, after my room refurbishment) and M1200 (with a faulty relay just right these days, not lucky at all!) Considering it a “beau geste” towards a frustrated (loyal) customer who is facing another issue (BHK Pre brand new, SPPs twice brand new, DS MK II beta unit, and now simultaneously M1200 and P15 - a pretty long list indeed).

Since yesterday… no answers.

Today I’m going to order a Puritan PSM156 with Ultimate cable, to try if this technology can bring some improvements in my system compared to my brand new P15 that actually ended up first noisy and then unusable.

I hate to say but I’m looking at the horizon new different scenarios, sad to feel so.

I own the Puritan PSM 156 as it was recommended by my dealer. It’s not expensive so I thought what the heck. One day I slid it behind my P20 and hooked up to it instead of the P20. I noticed an immediate change to the sound of my system. Sadly, not for the better. The P20 was restored in short order.

I am sorry you, and others are having these issues. Someone needs to get their act together!


Going back as long as I’ve been a member of this forum the vast majority of the issues with the Regenerators seem to be with owners living in Countries with 220-230 volt electrical systems. Conversely power products developed in 220 volt regions don’t seem to have the same issues when converted to the North American standard. If I lived in the EU I would look at the power products developed for that standard. But that’s just me.



With the big Gryphon in the system aren’t you just using the P20 on the front end components?

Thanks Al, very appreciate your comment as usual.

Just for curiosity, with ears close to the chassis, do you hear buzz noise from your P20? I don’t think so.

My aim is to keep the P20 for pre and sources in effect, using the PSM 156 only for M1200s, to compare it to the P15.

Actually my amplification area dilemma is between:

  • using the P15 (if it works, ehm ehm as soon as someone send me a new unit) I have great sound from M1200s, but the P15 is noisy due to an annoying subtle buzz from the toroidal transformer (also noticed odd unexpected bad values of EMI from its outlets). Cheap DC Blockers do not solve the problem.
  • not using the P15, it means with the M1200s directly plugged to dedicated wall sockets, the room is silent but something is missing related to the magic of music I was used before with the P15.

So I would try the PSM156, searching for a compromise on the amplification side, able to give me both silence and great sound together, I hope. A sort of experiment, so to speak. If it doesn’t work, I’ll sell it.

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You are probably right, I also published a poll on the forum about this argument

All other PS units are dead silent, BHK Pre, SPP, PST, DS MK I and II and even P12 I owned a few years ago. IME P20 and mainly P15 is having buzz noise louder.

Yes sir, I have the Gryphon Commander, the Gryphon Ethos, Grimm MU1, BACCH-SP adio, and the turntable plugged into the P20. About 300 watts total. Overkill for sure. The P20 crashes when I plug the big Apex into it. Oh well. It requires 2 20 amp circuits so this is no surprise.

No buzzing. No hum, fingers crossed.


Sorry to hear about your experiences with your P15, Luca.
If you can’t get the issue with the P15 resolved quickly and painlessly, and you want to try something else, I can highly recommend a Shunyata Denali 6000.
A friend upgraded his Denali to an Everest and I borrowed the Denali for a few days just out of curiosity. I substituted it for my P20 (which I’m 100% satisfied with) and I will say that it sounds great and I could be happy with it. I notice no loss in fidelity.


Thanks Ron, you all know how I love and respect PSA brand. I’ll be grateful for the rest of my life to Paul and all the members of this great PSA forum, my audiophile journey depends so much on what I learned here.
But I cannot negate a few issues I’ve encountered along the way, with the same intellectual honesty and hoping my comments might be constructive.

I finally ordered the PSM 156, within a week I’ll be able to share here my impressions, as usual.

Unfortunately I haven’t yet received answers from PS and/or the importer about my request to replace the bad units. I’m a patient guy, no worries. Maybe the imminent Hi-End event in Munich is keeping them busy.

As for Denali it was on my radar but without home auditioning it’s always a jump in the dark for this kind of stuff, no one of my dealers is official distributor of Shunyata products, pretty rare brand here in Italy.

Luca, the oscillator board is an easy replacement. When I bought my P15 it had a weird buzz to it. It too was diagnosed as a bad oscillator board. PSA sent me a new board and I took care of it with no issues. Once repaired the buzzing was gone and it operated perfectly. This was a US 120VAC unit.

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Thanks, Tony. Luca has been amazing as he has had more than most when it comes to problems.

Luca, we are here for you, my friend. We will get this sorted out.

Apologies for all the problems.


Hi Luca. Travis and some are in Munich but I am here. I saw your note about the oscillator board and last I heard we were getting a replacement to you. It is easy to replace.

Sorry for all the problems.

I am happy if you want to reach out to me personally paul@psaudio.com

Hopefully between MPI and our staff we can get this resolved.


Thanks Tony, strictly following step by step instructions from Steve (PSA guys) I tried last days removing the lid from P15 and locating where is the oscillator board, in order to unplug and reseat it to assure that it’s correctly seated. Anyhow I didn’t remove it completely, so I don’t remember if it is possible to replace it just “plug and play” so to speak or there are some connectors or (I hope not) soldering parts to be detached.

Are you saying that you easily replaced it with your hands without the need of any kind of tools or technical expertise?


EDIT: I sent this post while Paul was writing his posts, so I read them later.

Thanks you so much Paul, very appreciate. I’m just forwarding to you last emails I exchanged with Steve. It sounds great if I’ll be able to replace the board by myself!

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Luca, yes. Apart from needing tools to take off the cover, the board replacement was easily done by hand. Of course make sure you ground yourself before getting your hands inside the unit. :wink:


Thank you Tony, oh during last days I became an expert in removing the lid from a regenerator! Don’t tell my wife I’m doing these kind of things, as per her I normally need the help of our electrician even to replace a bulb!

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How unfortunate indeed! Problems with each and every PSA unit you received. That is nuts! I feel your pain, and have had similar experience with their components. Luck of the draw I suppose as others report no issues out of the box. As others have noted, PSA needs to step up their quality control.


I’ve just had a few emails directly with Paul, he’s personally following my issue from now on. I agree with you, frequent issues might compromise the reputation of the brand and I say that full of sympathy/empathy I felt growing during last years about PSA. As proud member of a family, so to speak. My appreciation for Paul has been often enough to mitigate my (frequent) frustration.


Glad to hear its working out and that Paul is taking ownership of the issue(s). Good luck with your Power Plant and the Puritan as well.

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Thanks for the patience through all of this Luca. As Tony mentioned, it’s rather easy (plug and play) to replace the card. I’m guessing Steve sent a guide with pictures but let me know if you need anything more.