PC Requirements for nCore Amps

I am currently using an AC-12 with my Pass XA-30.5 and am very satisfied with the synergy. But now I also have a pair of the Bel Canto nCore REF600M monos. Would a pair of AC-12’s provide any benefit over AC-5’s for these SMPS amps? Of course I want the most bang for my buck, so I don’t want to waste money on a pair of AC-12’s if the performance is the same or only marginally better than the AC-5’s for this type of amplification. Thanks.


IMO, the only way to find out is to give them a try. Unfortunately you look like you only have one AC-12, currently, or you could swap.

You’re right of course, but my monetary prudence forced me to pose the question hoping that someone else has already been there done that. So far my tests using the PCs I have on hand paired with the AC-12 have not yielded any obvious differences. I guess I am also hoping for a reasonable “scientific” explanation of what the impact on the output of the nCore amps would be if the two had different PC conductor designs and gauges feeding the power input. I figured someone affiliated with PS Audio (who are acknowledged experts on PCs, power supplies and amplification) might chime in and provide some insight.

Any update on this?

Nothing from from anyone. I assume no one knows. Or if they do, they ain’t talk’n.

I have to imagine @Paul has an opinion!

I’ll say this: I’ve had AC-3, AC-5, AC-10 and AC-12 in my system and I’ve tried AC-5, AC-10 and AC-12 in multiple positions with sources, preamps, amps and regenerator. The AC-12 sounded best on any component, and the more AC-12s there were, the better the system sounded.

Don’t know how the science of it should be explained. My ears told me AC-12s were the way to go and eventually I outfitted the system with them.

I think Paul will agree that the AC-12 would be the way to go. We’ll see–I bet he responds when the work week begins.

Sorry guys. Been hiding away working on my book. Had to shut off the world if but for a few hours.

Actually the AC12 would be the best choice because it has so much better shielding than does the AC5. The SMPS based amps, while efficient (and so you might think the heavier gauge of the AC12 not needed), are also more power supply dependent and noisy than a classic transformer based linear amp.

I would imagine this is an area where we would want to spend the extra to get the performance of an AC12.

Thanks @Paul et al.

What you say makes sense. And I was afraid it would. That’s because I can purchase (2) AC-5’s for less than one AC-12 of equivalent length. So I either wait and save up for a pair of AC-12’s (want to keep my existing one on my Pass amp) or purchase the AC-5’s and always wonder how much better the AC-12’s would have sounded. Another “What price satisfaction” dilemma.

Upscale Audio is still selling them at 40% off.

I went to the Upscale site and looked for PS Audio. Found two pages of items, no power cables listed as “on sale”, but on the bottom of the page there was a little blurb on the cables and it inferred a 40% discount but you have to click “read more” to get the code. Problem is when I clicked “read more” I get a blank page. It’s either a glitch with iOS software or the offer has expired. To bad, I’d be interested.

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I suggest giving them a call. It is a great discount.

add the cord to a cart and then in the coupon block, type in psapower

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That does work. The question now that remains is are they really that good? Better than say a Nordost or Wireworld?

I don’t know much about Wireworld but it have 4 AC12’s a handful of Nordost Red Dawn and A full loom of of Siltech cables. I use the AC12 for distribution and feeding my BHK 300’s. I love their ability to conduct high current with no drama. I assume that there is a PS Audio cable characteristic that is consistent to the family of cables. They are effortless and totally silent. The Nordost cables are legacy and I use them for less used components. They served me well and I have no complaints. I auditioned Some Siltech cables and I loved them. Siltech products delivered music with silent backgrounds. The manufacturers you mentioned make good products try an audition if you can. Your ears will tell you what to do.

They’re not my favorite but they’re excellent. And my favorite won’t likely be yours…
The AC12’s have a marked influence—all good imo, in sq.

It’s about your ears in the end. It has to be what sounds right to you. I just take other’s opinions as a starting point.

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I’ve never had any luck with Wireworld PC’s on amps. O.K. in most cases with front end components. Best I found with mAmps, Nuprime and NC500 based amps were PCs based on Neotech OCC cable and that includes Pete’s TWL Digital American. I am assuming same would hold true with the IcePower 1200AS based amps which I can confirm shortly.

What are your favs?