Power cable suggestion with angled plug into wall?

Up till now using a PSaudioAC 3, but I am looking for a longer cable. As the wall connection isn’t low near the floor but approx. 1.20mtr up - using a cable with a straight plug into the wall looks awkward. I am looking for a decent flexible shielded power cable of approx. 3.5mtr with an angled wall plug. Any suggestions for a decent cable?

Contact Patrick at Cullen Cables he will make what you want with right angle plug.

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I’ll second the Cullen Cables recommendation. Patrick will make you a nice custom cable.

He also will re-terminate cables.

@dawkinj, @netspecht-2

Thanks for he suggestion - and the idea -to go for a custom made cable!
I am living in The Netherlands though, so Cullen Cables, is not an immediate go to, however I am sure there will be someone overhere doing the same.

Worth shooting Patrick and e-mail and see if he can help. I am sure he has access to proper connectors. But you are right in that I am sure there are custom cable vendors galore in the EU like MCRU in the UK.

Thanks again, I may do that.

Patrick’s a good guy and honest as they come. I’ve known the kid since he was in diapers.

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You might try Jord Groen at Pink Faun, they’re in Rhenen. Jord@triplemaudioshop.nl

PS Audio used to make one I think called a Plasma cable that comes up on ebay every now and then. . . .

@Brett, @Ionson,
Thanks you both! OK, I will check this out too tomorrow the start of the weekend…

Many types of angled connectors, some are custumizeable angles too.