Power Cord for P15

What do people like

Audioquest Hurricane and Dragon

This could become the largest thread ever.
What’s your budget?

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Prob $700
But need 2.5>3m

Used market would be a good idea, IMO.

You can grab past industry and hobbyist favorites for a fraction of original prices.

PSA AC-12 and older Shunyata Research “High Current”-badged models should be available at or below your budget target.

My $0.02/good luck.


I tried many higher budget power cords in the P20 tweak thread. A lower budget storm series AQ cord anf a 3M AB7050HF tuning ring and a sorbothane isolator to dampen vibration on the cord and P15 would be my choice with your budget.

For longer than two meters there are very few power cords that could bring out the potential of P15. I think Cullen Crossover 2 may be an excellent choice, another one is Anticable Level 3. Both need @vmax’s absorbent wrapper and tuning ring to make these cords sound significantly better.

If you have a slightly higher budget, AQ Thunder is the first choice with the tuning ring.

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Go to The Music Room, click on power cords and take your pick.

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PS Audio AC-12 is my choice.


Another good option for used is The Cable Company’s sister site.

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Thanks for this Resource!
Thanks to all who have replied

You could also try one of the Iconoclast BAV cords. Very reasonable price and returnable within 30 days.



Iconoclast/BAV 10 AWG just might be the best value in power cords ever! No risk to try one. I’m a hold out! I have been so happy with my P10 that I can’t justify a move up. You can probably guess what power cord is attached…

I have Iconoclast speaker cables and XLR
Had no idea they did power cables

I tried them and sold all I had.