PSA PowerPlants vs Stromtanks

Both appear to deliver the same benefit…store/clean wall power


Price. I think Al had some feedback that the stromtanks have bad rep for reliability

PSA Regenerators don’t really store power (in the way I understand you are referring to).


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There is at least one failure reported here on the forum.

As already noted, completely different technology.

one is a battery basically and the other regenerates on the fly.

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Failure could be growing pains as some manufacturers can go through…

When I asked them at a show they said their focus is on bridging complete power shortages with their rechargeable battery concept. Different.

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A fellow who I know has two mega dollar systems. Both are powered by multiple P20s. He switched to one Stromtank for his primary system. It quickly failed. He is a very busy guy with zero patience for explanations and second chances. The Stromtank went directly back, the P20 returned to it’s position and he moved on.
When the Stromtank was working, I heard it and I wasn’t impressed.
In MY opinion, the Stromtank is trying to answer a question that I’m not asking.


one report here for Stromtank, many reports for PSA PowerPlant failures

wonder if effect on SQ is the customary: non-predictive - different for different systems - need test at home - result not transferable to others

re battery, many ultra high end products use a battery for power

(Stormtank distributor told me the amps should go to wall, everything else to Stromtank)

Of course there are more reports of PSA issues - as well as successes. It is a PSA forum.


I often wish that we could all remember that fewer buyers are going to report happy experiences than unhappy ones. So we come away thinking what?
I would guess that PSA’s MTBF (mean time between failure) number is competitive in their industry.


generally agree, though see greater number of happy campers reporting their pleasures

Paul provided some specific data in the past, which was more than competitive.

My impression is he takes failures personally to a good degree.

That’s way obvious.

My Stromtank dealer doesn’t have much faith in there reliability but said when it works its great. For what that’s worth.

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That will take me out of any interest for it for sure. :roll_eyes:

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a proper conclusion for any unreliable product

reports here have narrowed my prospects for components, thanks

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Just don’t forget to take into consideration the tendency of more folks that have issues with products speaking up versus those that don’t. It’s usually worth doing a little research and checking with reliable sources if possible.

Disclosure: I know next to nothing about the Stromtanks’ reputation for performance or dependability.

I’ve done hundreds of hours research this year as i zero in on spending a half million plus

I’ve read more posts here raving about purchases than reporting problems

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That’s an impressive undertaking.

Looking forward to hearing more about your journey as you start to make some decisions/purchases…