Roon Endpoints w/ I2S output?

Anyone know of an affordable Roon end point with the PS Audio I2S output? I would like to use the I2S input on the Stellar Gain Cell DAC.

This unit looks to be good:

Thanks, I have seen this one and agree it looks good, but it’s just a raspberry Pi with a good linear power supply and a hat with clocks to use the I2S signals off the Pi. Can’t figure how it costs so much. After my trades it costs more than the Stellar. Hope there are few more options.

Just a RPi with a good power supply and new clocks??

ULTRA: Isolated and shielded clock distrubution to improve clock stability.
ULTRA: Impoved power distrubution to Digital Audio Board / RaspberryPi
ULTRA: ALL capcitors replaced by WIMA versions
ULTRA: Power Supply Caps all NOVER Audio-Grade version
ULTRA: Improved Reclocking Circuit
ULTRA: Furutech Gold Power Inlet
UlTRA: Hifituning S3 Supreme Fuse
Fully reclocked I2S over HDMI output PS Audio / Audio-GD / Holo Audio compatible
Galvanic isolated and reclocked SPDIF output (RCA or BNC Connection)
2x CRYSTEK FEMTO Clock’s. FIFO Oscillators designed specifically for High Definition Audio (HD Audio). It features a typical low close-in phase noise of -100 dBc/Hz @ 10 Hz offset, and a noise floor of -169 dBc/Hz. With this extreme low phase noise performance, you will “Hear the Difference”.
Based on RaspberryPi providing I2S output clocked by the Femto clocks from Magna Hifi’s digital board.
Ultra low noise Tentlabs shunt regulators for oscillators and digital audio circuit. The shunts drop in instead of commonly used industrial types of regulators. Having much lower noise, true wide bandwidth and linear output impedance, they’ll bring improvement to sound in terms of: Higher resolution, better transparency, clean low ends and increased dynamics.
Low noise Power supply provided without generating unwanted noise and without passing it along into the sensitive digitital signal path.
2 original Toshiba 2SC5200 transistors and 20.000 uF power capacity
High quality R-core transformer. The R-core transformer has high isolation degree. it can improve the signal-to-noise ratio, isolate the harmonic interference, reduce the noise, make he background cleaner. R core transforer can fully improve the quality of sound.
Power rail for Raspberry and separated power rail for digital audio circuit
Fully reclocked I2S signal path with seperated data reclocking.
Aluminium black housing with 3mm front panel and blue led.

Thanks, but yes, everything in the ad is either part of the I2S clocking circuit added to the PI or part of the power supply. Its also in a very nice case and from what I hear they offer great support. Its all very nicely done and they can charge whatever they wish, but for my system it is too much for a network streamer.

Hopefully folks can suggest some more affordable Roon end points with I2S outputs.

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I’m putting together a Sparky Dietpi McFifo & McDualXO (isolator & reclocking boards) Audio g-d HDMI LDVS I2S module, Roon I2S streamer with linear psus and LT3045 voltage regs to input to my DS Junior DAC. More on this later and I’m hoping this will be a winner…

Anyone tried this? :
Music server with PS Audio I2S output. Curious how it sounds with a PS Audio DAC.

For a couple of years now I have used the Pink Faun I2S-Bridge, developed by Pink Faun high end audio, out of the Netherlands. It is a plug-and-play PCI-Express card suitable for the Windows platform. I purchased the entry-level 2-channel version with maximum resolution support of 32 bit/192kHz. Here is their web site.
and a review of the I2S Bridge.

You will need a good quality HDMI cable for best results.

I started with my DIY old windows computer as my Roon end point but have since built a windows based streamer primarily using these parts.
I then use a program called Fidelizer which helps the Microsoft operating system focus on being a networked music streamer.
There are endless more tweeks. Linear Power Supplies being the most effective. I tried many raspberry pi type routes to get this done for less but to date have found no good alternative to the old windows based streamer. Probably because l am pathetic Linux user and only understand Windows because I’ve been banging my head with them for so many years. Best of luck!

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+1 for the Pink Faun i2s card I have found this to be excellent. The only downside is that it cannot support DSD and the chipset maker C-Media do not respond to any questions when asked if they plan to in the future.

This review gives a detailed look inside the box as well. It is much more than a RP with a hat board: