SALE ! PerfectWave SACD Transport

Mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow so I may be the first person to have two of them as I have one my friend loaned me is already plugged into my system. Technically I could hook them both up and AB between a fresh one and a broken in one.

Still no i2s input. I gotta get my DSD back!

If you have the DSD Jr. you could use I2S with that. I’m surprised that you only have one DSD sr. Lol

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Btw, the music files play back from USB is in the order of file creation time, not in the order of file name.


Is there a particular format the USB drive needs to be in, ie MS.DOS eFat or Mac OS Journaled, etc?

Yes, FAT32. My Kingston USB 32GB is factory formatted to FAT32. It works out of box on my PST.

Hmmm… No dice, even after Fat32 and xFat. I just says “Reading,” for about 15 minutes now. I’ll keep poking around. Thanks

PST takes time to read music data files (either from USB or from data disk), but 15min definitely not normal.
If possible, maybe try a small size USB (<4GB), formatted to FAT32. (ExtFAT won’t work). Copy one or two “CD” tracks.
While testing USB during the beta test PST, when PST choked, I need to main power cycle from the back, to restart my PST.

On my unit you have to toggle the switch on the back off and on again for it to read a new stick. You have to do that every time you put in another stick or it just continue to lock on to the previous stick.

The smaller thumb drive worked (1gb in this case). I think now it’s a matter of paying closer attention to drive size, file size, file names and formats. With USB inquiries aside, I’m astonished by the simple CD playback. I don’t think I’ve ever been as impressed with the primary functionality of any device I’ve ever purchased. My mind is indeed blown and I’m still in the process of choosing/purchasing upgrade cables for this system overall.


On my one year old PST, I don’t have problem when playing USB from one to another. Only need to main power cycle if PST is choked. However, I seldom play USB or data disk on my PST. Only play redbook CD / sacd, since this is what PST is good at. If I have a good collection of music data files, (which I don’t), the coming octave server looks like a better choice than PST to handle the music files. Maybe I will get an octave server in the future, if PSA gives such good (40%) discount as it did on PST today!

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You’re right, the USB feature is an afterthought item on the PST anyway. It is very limited on it’s functionality. It shouldn’t even be put in as it add cost to the player. It did come in handy though as my server was broken and was being serviced.
The other bug I had with the new unit was the sticking on off button on the upper left hand corner of the unit which seemed to fix itself as it is now working properly. Maybe the button needed burn-in. Strange.

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In the PST manual, PS Audio, say this:
“Note that while this front-panel input is a convenient way to access a limited amount of music – for example, playing demo tracks from a friend’s collection or at an audio show – it is necessary to scroll through the tracks one by one, which can be time-consuming. As such, this input should be viewed more as a courtesy port than a primary means of connecting music.”

FYI, just play my testing USB key again. It is a 32GB Kingston datatraveler 100 G3 USB key with 20 files (mix with different type of file format flac/WMA… etc and resolution 44.1/88.2/…/192/DSD64/DSD128). It takes 16 seconds to read. Also, Kingston 64GB and Sandisk 64GB are ok on my PST. There were situations that music file was corrupted and need to be replaced and music file that plays OK on other device but PST just doesn’t like it. As PSA and others said, USB is secondary feature on PST. I don’t pay much attention to it at all.
As the CD/SACD goes, PST + DSDAC playback is a perfect match. They bring my redbook CD to live. I believe you will enjoy your PST very much just like I do.

Though recently I just started listening to albums from beginning to end, I primarily listen to like titles of the same or different artists. I successfully made a DVD of some favorites and playback was flawless.

Once I fully incorporate my server with the setup, all else will be pure afterthought. Paul might make a compelling argument for speakers, but my new transport has by far made the most impact on my humble system. CDs now mean so much more than they ever did to me.


Just got off the phone with Jake F at PSA, my PerfectWave Transport is a couple of weeks out. This will be a HUGE upgrade from my 17 year old NAD C515BEE CD player (now used as just a spinner). Christmas is coming early!


Got my PerfectWave Transport in today and it’s on repeat to season in. Even only a few hours of play the darned thing sounds really good on headphones, an improvement over my beloved DMP, which is now feeding my Stellar GCDAC, replacing the Audiolab 6000CDT that was feeding it before. Ah, musical chairs and the Audiolab is left without a seat . . .for now. I have a plan.


No offense to the 17 year old NAD but huge upgrade might be a huge understatement! GIGANTIC UPGRADE! Congrats and enjoy!


I’m saving comments like these for my wife—I might need them at my trial!
No offense taken, NAD is well past its prime and outclassed by most spinners on the market today.


Mine was supposed to arrive on Saturday but as usual, FedEx sucks. They are saying Tuesday now. Bah.

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Al, there’s always vinyl to get you by.