SALE ! PerfectWave SACD Transport

Those folks that got their orders in in the last two days will be shipping today and a number of them have already shipped. As of now, orders that are placed will probably ship in about a week. A week from now, it’ll likely take about two weeks for them to ship. Rough ETAs of course.


The MU1 processes the sound of the devices connected to it. The DAC does no upsampling of its own. It offers to do so but can be switched on and off via the remote. I currently listen to it with the upsampling off. I am not using a PS Audio DSD DAC currently. As you know it does its own internal upsampling.

Your point is valid. See the link to a review I posted above that explains in detail what processing the MU1 does to fully understand it. It is unusual and quite worthy of consideration.

Oh wait, that link is in the Jay’s Audio CDT2-MKIII thread I think. Drop me a message and I’ll give you the link if you are interested.

So I have the Jay’s Audio CDT2-MK3 (currently for sale in the marketplace hahaha).
I apologize if this is obvious, but my Directstream DAC has two I2S inputs. They are currently both occupied (Matrix for USB computer audio and the Jay’s CDT). If I ended up keeping the Jay’s CDT and also ordering the SACD Transport, any options to connect all 3 devices via I2S at the same time without unplugging/plugging what I want to use at that time?

I just got the BHK Pre like a week or 2 ago… how can I justify another purchase like this?

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I don’t think I will sell my Jay’s Audio CDT2-MKIII when the PST arrives. But I may ask my friend to give me my DSD Sr. back. I have to test the Grimm MU1 with it.

If you want me to test the RAL, you can always send it to me and I can test it for you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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On my audio visual living room system I have a DVR and an Apple TV both connected to my single HDMI input on the Oppo UDP-205 by using a powered HDMI box. Two HDMI go into the box from the sources, one goes into the Oppo for playback. Works very well, does not seem to degrade sound or picture in the least, and was about 30 dollars I believe.

so… a splitter is my only option… thanks for the feedback!

For those of you that have the SACD Transport already, how is it listening to music using the USB? Not sound quality, but navigation wise. Does everything have to be in the root? Does it support folders? if so, how deep?

Thanks James. I sent you an email late last night.

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I am sooo very close to pulling the trigger on this. I’d then need to decide what to do with my Marantz SA-10. Has anyone compared the two?

About 20 years ago when I bought the first SACD player, the SCD-777es from Sony, I stop buying CD’s and bought only SACD’s simply because SACD’s sound better than CD’s, so I have quite a SACD collection. Today there’s no words to describe how much this format has advanced and the PST is bringing the best out of this format. Every time I put in another SACD in the drawer of this PST, I am rediscovering music as I’ve not heard before. This is one great opportunity to take one home to try and see what you’ve been missing.


Yes - the SA-10 is a great SACD player but the PS SACD Player with the DSD is a whole new world of musical enjoyment. The difference in SACDs is far less pronounced than with redbook CDs which allows you to rediscover your CD collection. Maybe the SACDs I have - only about 30 - are not good remasters.

Make sure you have allowance for additional SACD purchase when you acquire the PST. I had 20 SACD before and now I have over 200. All were purchased within last 6 months since I bought the PST. Luckily I traded in some junk audio collection to soften the higher price I paid.
By the way, the best SACD recording is SHM-SACD imported from Japan.


Actually ripping a SHM-SACD sounded better than ripping from a regular SACD. I’ve tried it. Must be the mastering. Too bad SHM-SACD’s are so darn expensive. But it is totally worth even penny to me to get this SQ from a disc,

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Hi, thanks for flagging this! Viewing the PS Audio pages from overseas you don’t get to see the markdown prices, and no such markdowns are being advertised locally. So please feel free to post when the sales are on!!

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Spoke to my dealer in Melbourne. New black PST is on its way! :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


From the manual (page 7): “The PST can also play files from a USB drive that is plugged into its front panel USB port. Sub-folders are not supported and only files in the root directory are played.”

Mine is arriving Monday. Exciting times ahead!

Thank you Craig!

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Congrats! Let us know what you think once you get it setup.