Snowmass DirectStream Junior is now live


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PS Audio emailed me a pdf with instructions on the Bridge II update using the MConnect on my iphone. Using the DSJ’s own update feature failed many times. But MConnect worked flawlessly. I’d attach the pdf, but can’t see how. If you’re having trouble with the Bridge II update, just email PS Audio.

I had to reboot the DSJ for it to show the update was no longer needed.


That pdf would be handy. Is there an Android equivalent to this app?


Yes should be on Google site


Had to download Yale 1st & then install Snowmass but worked a treat…initial impressions are very good, listening to the 2003 DSOTM SACD (CD layer) via my PWT into the DSJ (Is2) & it just seems a more fuller, bigger sound, more defined bass perhaps but it’s early days.


Oh…there is a Bridge II update? Doesn’t this just load when available via the network cable?


Maybe, maybe not. In my case, and a few others on the forum, no, it doesn’t.
I need to get in contact with support to get some guidance.


What’s the build details? I’ll check my current version when I’m back home…do we know what improvement(s) it brings?



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Matthew Taylor


I think it works the same for both iPhone and android. Easy to do.


Matt, where are you based in aus again? I should give the loan of my audiopnics i2s streamer. Amazing sound with redcloud and snowmass


Hi Scumbag,

Up in the glorious Adelaide Hills…


I’m awaiting a MK3 Innous Zen Mini + LPSU to arrive shortly but that’s via bridges Ethernet. My Is2 slot on the Jnr is taken up by my PWT.


Hello All
I will tell you shortly my experience with loading Snowmass and also thank you all that this community help me to get it done in 10 minutes. Use a Kinston USB 32GB formatted to FAT 32 downloading Yale and after that downloading snowmass to the same USB stick after I have formatted it again and my Stereo sings even better with Snowmass 2.0 with all the sonics mentioning in this community.
Thanks Again and also greatings to PS Audio to make it possible
// Matte


No issues updating - took 5 min.

First impression is more / articulated bass…


A few more impressions…

Sound wise:

  • Less congestion and another layer of harshness removed (listen to Mahler 5th by David Zinman SACD, and everything is fluid, musical, and well defined)
  • Body, definitively everything has more “meat”
  • Microdynamics improved
  • I confirm that everything is a little more forward. Not negative, but with big classical events, any Mahler’s Symphony for instance, I guess I prefer a little more distance

Issues wise:

  • Fade in: clearly notice, but only in the beginning of every album, and if the format is different from the last one. So, although my initial (and exposed to @tedsmith ) fears, this is a non-issue in my daily use. I guess for those who have playlists with different formats, it could be a problem indeed.
  • In the beginning of every DSD file, I hear a tinny click (where there is no fade in since the clock was already locked in that format)

NOTE: I only use USB to dedicated Network Renderer (computer), no BridgeII usage


Upgraded to Snowmass today on my DSj with no problem what so ever.

Thanks for the upgrade I really enjoy the sound quality I can get and every upgrade makes my audio nervousa :):sunglasses: go away.

Ted, your on the right track, dont hesitate

cheers from a cold Sweden



My listening experience is similar. The interesting thing is that plain vanilla CDs are sounding much better. Like @nimitz I also listened to a Zinman CD: Beethoven Piano concertos 3 and 4. Imaging is better. Same for Pape singing Wagner. There is also more low level detail and fuller bass, as others have noted. The forwardness @nimitz and others have commented on isn’t a problem in my system, probably because my old Thiels don’t have a lot of punch or energy on top. So I’m thinking that Snowmass is bringing out detail and imaging nicely on CDs.

On Tidal/Roon, on the other hand, so far it seems like a mixed bag. The MQA recordings I’ve been listening to sound uniformly excellent. 2L’s the Nordic Sound, Peyroux’s Secular Hymns, Fischer-Dieskau Knaben Wunderhorn, Carlos Kleiber Schubert 8. But some of the 16/44.1 recordings do not seem quite as good as Redcloud, which really did an excellent job. John Williams’ Bach lute suites for example, and Tokyo String Quartet Schubert D. 956. Go figure.

Does Snowmass do better with physical media and hi res streaming? Does it do better with speakers that are not particularly energetic on the top? Don’t know. I also haven’t put it through its paces on jazz or pop. But it is making me want to go back to see what I’ve been missing in the classical CDs that have been sitting on the shelf. That should be fun.


Well, extremely happy with the completion of the upgrade (after 10 failed attempts with 10 different pendrives!) as well as with the early impressions of how the thing sounds in my room. Thanks to everybody who described their case or guessed what the problem could have been.

Still completely lost as to why the going back to Yale failed with the other 10, but when the Kingston worked I then re-formatted it, loaded it with the 4 Snowmass files and… voila it worked. Extremely odd.

A functional concern though. While Snowy is making my system sing now (loved the clearer voices!) an uncommon thing has started to happen. With Tidal on, the DSjr’s occasionally freezes up, jams totally and the blue square button on the left too becomes totally unresponsive. Nothing I touch from the front panel, or try to touch in the MConnect remote ecosystem does anything to the screen/button, so I have no other option but to switch the unit off and reboot it. Weird, hopefully it will sort itself out eventually as this latest fw update was quite tedious/intense for me.

Really like the sound though!


Interesting — that freezing up just happened to me today, too. Never happened before.


I can report one such freeze-up as well. It happened during a lengthy Roon + Tidal session with lots of switching between tracks (re-tuning my sub). I had to do a hard reset.