Swiss Digital Fuse Box, the fuse reinvented

Interesting product, supposedly it eliminates all the drawbacks of fuses in general, even the expensive high end fuses, but still provides protection for your gear.

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Interesting sell, I wonder if it qualifies as a fuse for legal purposes, pretty strict in the uk (plus of course all wall plugs have fuses too so would have to be bypassed) :slight_smile:

An interesting product. The main downsides; another expensive power cord and the space needed around your rack to accommodate.

I have made some inquiries of the manufacturer (distributor?).

I might give one of these a whirl.

Would require another power cable though, which complicates the value proposition.


What do you do with the fuse in the gear? replace it with a silver rod?

Fuse is a lot cheaper than another AQ Dragon PC, in my case.


“In Fuse Box, the existing fuse in your equipment is replaced by a** solid copper rod **(named “SLUGGO”) which has virtually no resistance and can pass currents you are unlikely to see in any audio product – certainly more than a hundred Amps – before heating”

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Got it! If someone is trying it, please share the result. I tend to think passing unrestraint current would improve SQ. When I replaced a fuse with another one with 25% higher rating, the SQ was better. Of course, I was taking a risk.

Will be interfering to hear how much of an improvement the Swiss Digital fuse makes. If it’s more dramatic than a high end ultra expensive power cord, it may save a few bucks going this route, and using two lesser power cords in combination with the SDF.

I posted in another thread, my take is the cable before this unit is just an extension of the cable in the wall, so I don’t have to think about spending more money :slight_smile:

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I have asked the product developer to chime in regarding this question.

“First World Problems!”


That shouldn’t have made any difference at all unless the original fuse was undersized for the situation. And if that was the case, would have probably blown quite easily/regularly.

As I said in another thread, the stock fuse is designed to absorb/pass slightly higher current before blowing, allowing the equipment to do their job properly to their safe limits, for transient peaks. Heck, even for just turning the equipment on with the sudden in-rush of power charging up the various capacitors and such in the unit.

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Ordered one specified for the PSA P10 regenerator…

Should have it in a few days…


I have not conducted the comparison personally. A while back I was reading posts from another thread, or from another forum. That was the conclusion I arrived at. So, I could be wrong of course.

Well just be careful and keep a close eye on it. It’s never, ever suggested to move up in fuse size for any application. Same holds true with breakers in homes.

Personally, I would put the stock rating fuse back into it as soon as possible, but that’s just me.

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My next fuse will be the same rating as a stock fuse. If I remember right, there were some earlier “audiohile” fuses blown easily from comments. So, the suggestions were to use fuses with 25% higher rating. Lately no one has reported that issue anymore.

It’s on the same principle as a thicker power cord would have lower impedance witch can benefit the sound, a thicker fuse wire would do the same, but I doubt if you can really hear it unless your system is very sensitive to the change. As to the power cord in front of another after a device, yes definitely both power cords can make a considerable difference to the sound. It’s similar to having a good power cord before a regenerator or power conditioner and another good power cord after the regenerator. Cheap bad power cords can and do degrade the sound no matter where you put it powering your system. I have a good power cord in front of a step up device and a good power cord after and I can tell you the power cord in front of the step up really change the sound considerably even when I use a top end power cord after.


Don’t forget to update the number of your fire department in your speed dial…

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You got me all worried about my system will catch fire and burn the whole house down. Then my house is going to burn the other houses nearby too (Bay Area is expensive with tiny yards). All from a fuse! :laughing:

I put back the stock fuse and put the M-1 on sale just now.

The stock fuse sounds good but lacks meat and bone a bit. I like M-1 better. But the stock fuse may not have burned in yet. I replaced it with a Purple soon after I acquired it, I think.

Better to be safe than sorry.

As to your earlier post…

If that were the case, those companies wouldn’t sell such fuses. They have to meet certain regulations. At least I would hope so, or they could have a mountain load of lawsuits.

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A while back in Audiogon Forum there were discussions on SR Red (or Black) fuses that were blown often. The newer fuses do not have the blown issue. I remember there were similar discussions in this forum too, but I did not find one from search.