System Photos!

Alright alright

Here you go


New D&D 8cs installed.


Mine have about 700 hours or so on them now. After 500 hours they really start to relax and make some beautiful music.

Really 500 hours. I bought KEF Reference 1s and maybe have 160 hours on em. They are just starting to open up. It’s less crazy with speakers but your head plays tricks and you wonder is it real or imagined.

Not working them really hard but running a Roon radio seed on my local N+ library 24/7 for a few weeks and only turning up the volume for a couple hours in the evenings. They sound great right away but seem a little more relaxed and open now. I don’t have an internet connection here yet so no Tidal availability. It could be the rest of the components breaking in also.
I really like these speakers not only for the sound but ability to place them close to the front wall.
I played Peter Gabriel hits CD on the oppomod 203 last night and that was really nice too.
You may be right it could also be my brain opening up to the speakers :thinking: Dang it.

I love those stands.

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They’re Skylan. Noel makes them for the 8cs now with a top plate that lines up perfectly. I highly recommend them for the Dutch & Dutch speakers.

I’m at about 20 hours so still breaking in. I am very pleased with them. They are so musical right out of the box.

Yes they are. I’m not sure what I was expecting as they’re a very different solution. I haven’t had any time to mess around with the filters or fussy placement but no regrets at all. I think for the money they’re a bargain when you consider you are getting speakers that aren’t critical on placement and the amps are included.

Looks good and still comes in place with your statement that the space between the speakers shall be free.

Baldy do you have a picture of your D&D 8c’s, I may have missed it.

I was hoping all the gear would be sitting on miss-matched upside down flower pots.


:joy: …that is funny $h!t right there!

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Here are my S 400 with Sprout 100 in the cottage.

At home, I am working on my Infinity

More love Denmark

Live Amsterdam


D&D 8c’s on either side of the fireplace. There are lots of things sonically “wrong” with the setup and room but these speakers really don’t seem to care.
The stack is in a closet on the other side of the room and the doors are usually closed unless I am using the CD player.
Nucleus +
Oppomod 203
BHK preamp


Do you know if there is an importer in the USA for the S400? I am thinking about doing the same Sprout 100 with S400’s for an office system.

They can only be purchased directly from Mads in Denmark who like to ship to the big world. It is actually a great sound coming from the two components.
You can write to Mads here

Here I play with some of my smaller speakers at home

Here are my S 300

More love Michael/Denmark


Thanks for letting me know. I’ll send them an email when I get back in the office on Monday

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Latest. Treated myself (undeservedly) to some Harbeth P3ESR’s. Made some very simple risers out of some brazilian cherry.


It’s not a secret but a great way to speed the hours on speakers is to wire them out of phase and place them face-to-face and let them play a mono signal. The better matched the pair, the less actual sound will be produced, it shouldn’t be much at all.

Let them play for a few days like this and break-in is done

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