System Photos!

How did you arrive at the angled subwoofer placement? Curious because I plan on setting my subs this way due to the 45 degree corners because of floor to ceiling bass traps. I have some lead way with placement, but I feel from an aesthetic standpoint they would look much nicer.


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I just followed the REL videos to end up in that position, @Mcroth. I think that subs should be in proper corners (which one of mine is arguably not). They should be in corners for the same reasons we might have bass traps in the corners. Those low frequencies don’t much care about toe in afaik.

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I’d love to see your room pic when you’re all sorted!

Haven’t put a picture of my system up in a while. The gear you know, the other stuff you don’t. The quilt was made by my mom. She’s an artist. If you look close, the background (tan color in the middle) material has music staffs on it. The typewriter was my mother-in-laws (my 2 year old grandson loves it) and the box in the middle is a cigar box I was gifted while in Cuba earlier this year…just before the sh@t show.

oh ya, the speakers are too close to the wall…oh, well.



I was just reading about those “amplifier circuits in a tube” amps today. Care to share your impressions about their performance?


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Beautifully done…

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Hi Scotte,

The amps are the Audions from AGD. They are spectacular. I have only had them a couple of days, but they are powerful, dynamic, and sweet. I will know more after a few more days.

I think that I sold you some Isoacoustic footers a while ago?


Bob V


Yep, we have had a couple of transactions.

I am really fascinated by the AGD amplifier designs (and they are eye candy as far as I am concerned). Looking forward to further impressions you might care to report on later…

These little mono amps might be in my future as well.


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AGD caught my attention as well. Looking forward to your further impressions.

We share the same amp/speaker/DAC combo. I have a limited amount of exposure to other systems. I sit here in awe many times wondering what “better” would sound like.

How do you compare your current setup to others you have had/heard?

Beautiful setup. Love the light.



I honestly try not to compare. I just move up/sideways in random directions as my budget allows. I never A/B, life is too short and I’d rather enjoy music.

Thanks for the compliments. I am, partially, a lighting designer. The fixture is made by a Chicago area company, Luminii. It’s a 3000K up/down asymmetric LED with 0-10v dimming control. I over lamped it by a margin but can still find a low enough level with the dimmer.


Love it! Bet is sounds damn good!

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My modest 2.0 system (strictly) here:

VPI Super Prime Scout TT + IsoAcoustics Delos platform
Oppo BDP-95 + IsoAcoustics Orea Graphite
Sutherland 20/20 phono stage + LPS
PS Audio Sprout (Bluetooth DAC)
PrimaLuna EVO400 tube integrated amplifier + IsoAcoustics Orea Bordeaux + Delos platform
PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant P12
Focal Sopra 2s + IsoAcoustics Gaia 1s
Triode Wire Labs full loom of cables and interconnects


I’d love to hear some JJ Cale on that system.


Looks really good, my friend. That is a system that would truly spark joy. And nothing makes me happier than your “oh well”. It’s meant to be enjoyed unapologetically. And you’re there.

My typewriter is stuck in the basement for now. But how I love to type on it!!

And your lighting is fantastic. I love it.

Mike in Dayton


“Modest”. That’s fantastic. Love your Sopras. They are works of art.

Mike in Dayton


Mike - compared to some of the other systems posted here, I certainly think so. But then again, with this hobby there is neither ceiling nor floor:-)

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Thank you Mike. Definitely doing my best to enjoy the music through the gear vs. trying to listen to the gear through the music. I do think I’m home.

I’m sorry if I seemed dismissive. That wasn’t my intent. I’m just saying it’s a beautiful setup. You should be proud. :wink:

No problem at all and I appreciate the candor. I definitely am enjoying it, maybe a little overwhelmed actually, since earlier this year I went directly to this setup from the PS Audio Sprout + Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 + Pro-ject Debut Carbon.