System Photos!

Four of those boxes are LPSs, then Roon core, etherRegen, matrix, and one is powering my analog board on the DAC. I haven’t gone down the rabbit hole of external clocks and optical rendu…

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That’s a wonderful, cozy room. And it looks like quad REL subs. Very nice.

What DAC are you using, and what is the “Matrix” you speak of?

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Thanks, sir.

PSA DSD I2S from Matrix SPDIF 2. One of the biggest topics in this community for sure.

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I also have Dynaudio Confidence 5s with the M700s and they sound the best ever on this Audio journey. Not ready to jump to the M1200 for a while.

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upgrade,first watt f6 diy. First listen. 25w is more than enough :grinning:


What’s with the dual Fluke meters?

checking that the bias is holding. At 500mv

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Is this an issue?

All equipment I have/had hold bias and require rare adjustment.

no its not an issue,it ́s the first startup and listening. i am just fine tuning it.

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I love the Confidence series from all generations. What speaker cables are you using with them?

I am using Transparent Audio Reference XL older ones with the rectangular boxes. They were set it up for Mark Levinson 380s pre and 432 amp. Works well for M700s.


That’s a sexy build :+1: Love the dual transformers in the PS.

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