System Photos!

Thanks for kind words and it was a plessure to know your thoughts and experience.

My little heaven!


The white furniture in the left side is a desk right?
You sit at a computer while enjoying that fine system.
I so get that and as soon as I find a non-reflective table top I may do the same.
I’d have a chair I could slide in front of it still.

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The white furniture is a coffee table. Usually when I listen I dim the lights and do nothing to interfere my listening experience. On that table is my tea or sometimes a fine wine. The good part is that my girlfriend enjoys music with me.
I hope you do your best to make your plan work and find a table top to enjoy your music journey even better!


:joy: That’s awesome! I’m sure there’s some beautiful riding in Colorado.

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Not very PS Audio at the moment, but time will tell. I’m using the Innuos Zen Mk3 using their Sense app and Innuos 2.0 streamer, without Roon, as the Octave server is being designed to use. It switches to Roon via the app, but not bothered doing that so far. The cabinet is a bit cheap and nasty, but we get other furniture made and never get rid of it, whereas audio cabinets need to change occasionally. My wife wants the speaker cables hidden. Actually she wanted them removed, I explained that was impractical.


OMG that system does things to me on an atomic scale, I’m absolutely drooling over that record deck!

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Let us see all of those unsightly speaker cables…and what are the details of your analog rig. :relaxed:

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I’ll post a picture of the room when it’s done, in a few days.

The turntable is a Claro Clarity Dual. Long story, but Claro Precision Engineering are a design and machining business in Yorkshire that were paid to make some turntables and their client went bust, so they finished it and sold it themselves. This was an upgrade on the original. Lack of marketing, they only sold a few dozen, but they are incredibly well engineered and a very clever, simple design. The bearing is a work of art and it uses standard motors (Premotec) and belts (Rega). Speed is digitally controlled.

Otherwise, Koetsu Urushi Gold on an Origin Live Illustrious Mk3 12" silver wired through the EAR Phonobox. Soundsmith Zephyr Mk3 MI on a Jelco TK-850 12" arm. I am not a fan of uni pivot arms, the OL has a dual pivot and the Jelco has a knife-edge bearing. It replaced a 750.

The Soundsmith Zephyr MI Mk3 is a great cartridge. The Zephyr MIMC is very popular, but the MIMC outputs 0.4mV and the Zephyr MI Mk3 2.4mV, so the Mk3 produces great sound through a decent MM phono stage with no noise at all. It has a lot of high end detail, no doubt due to the extremely lightweight cantilever for a MM or MI cartridge. One reason for the Jelco is the exchangeable head - there is an Ortofon 2M Mono sitting under the deck.

As the deck has no isolation, the whole thing sits on a Townshend Podium.


My wife had me putting up pictures, so here’s a few photos of our music/reading room, minus a chaise longe that is turning up at some point.

This is an attempt at a smallish room, measuring 14’ x 18’ at the widest and longest points, for which the Sabrina are well suited and, as is blindingly obvious, match the colour scheme, which is why the wife chose them. Books and records play their acoustic role and the chaise longue on the left had wall will add a bit further damping.

The walls are lined with Karma Acoustiwall, an acoustic damping material, and the lowered ceiling is made of Soundbloc plasterboard. The Venetian blinds have an acoustic lining and the windows have -40db glass. There is the mandated rug.

What is not obvious is the second audio system hidden in the lights, called Zuma Lumisonic, designed by Lawrence Dickie (and others), of Vivid Audio and B&W fame. It is truly spacial, in that there is no idea that the sound is coming from the ceiling, it images very well and the sound quality is fantastic. Each unit contains a 75w Class D amplifier, all the electronics, Spotify, Amazon HD and Tidal onboard, and Airplay, Bluetooth and voice control by Alexa.


About 4 months ago …


Excellent work. Well done.

Enjoy it.

Is the “Tray Ceiling” (that recessed square) incorporated solely for aesthetic reasons?

Curiously yours.

All I did was put up a couple of pictures and installed the hifi. The wife did the rest and overall superb contractors.

This work was really a necessity. We originally did the work very cheaply decades ago and it all broke over the years. The ceiling in this room collapsed this time last year thanks to a leak. Besides a lot of building, the house has been completely rewired and replumbed. Except for this room, all the floors on the ground floor were removed down to the earth.

There was a similar one in the demo room at the audio dealer and the wife liked it. It also allowed us to maintain the integrity of the main ceiling, as all the lighting is in the lowered part. This maximises soundproofing to the room above.

The speaker lights require 40cm diameter free space for heat dissipation, so less Gyproc insulation, more noise getting through. So the main ceiling is stuffed with Gyproc and the lowered part with the speaker/lights has none.

It also has power for concealed low-level lighting with LED strip lights, which we have not put in as we can get a very low light level using the main lights or the lights in the bookcases. The main lighting brightness varies from 0% to 100% in 1% increments and from 3000 kelvin to 5000k in 2k increments. Changing the warmth of the light is very useful, easier to read in cold light and listen in warm light. Plus the room changes colour.

The speaker lights also have a Cicadian setting where they change warmth and intensity depending on the time of day. In my office I use a rainforest setting that is warm light and plays birdsong. It’s very calming.


really nice.

I love that you know it’s a listening room without it looking like an over-engineered recording studio.

Nothing wrong with a recording studio, but in a house, I like this better.

Well done.


Steven, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to have the turntable in what is in effect a corner, does it actually work well?.

That’s a very good point. I had in mind getting an acrylic box made, which is simple and can be done locally, and it would keep the dust off. That said, no immediate signs of problems.

I could have located the system at the back of the room, but that would have meant very long speaker wires. It’s too late as the dedicated mains supply (shielded and with a drain) is behind the unit, as are the ethernet and fibre optic cables, which are buried in the wall and run up to the modem, which also had a dedicated supply.

The electrician found some really deadly things under the floors and in the walls. The moment he sent me this photo we agreed to rewire the entire house. Apparently I didn’t even have a proper ground, so I wonder how the hifi didn’t buzz. The consumer unit would have given Heath Robinson a heart attack. The new installation is rather better, 3-phase wired as 3 single phases on a zonal basis, hence three main consumer units, and a separate unit for the car.

My first comment was that this is a smallish room, and I hope a system to match. There aren’t many pictures in this thread of actual rooms, exceptions being @minnesotafats and possibly others. I have bifold doors at the rear so could take a picture from outside the room. I was previously using a larger area with more space to the sides. In fact about 10 years ago I changed the orientation to fire across rather than down the space, which is better. It’s those dreaded first reflections. You are fortunate to have a lot of space. I’m listening pretty close. It certainly sounds different to before, I shall get the speaker positions fine tuned by the dealer in due course.


I brought out my custom white quartz slabs that I had made several years back, and put them under the NuPrime amps. And of course, some of the kitties laying around enjoying the system with me.


Thank you. My wife would not have it any other way. I’ve never liked looking at audio equipment and it’s nice not to have a TV screen in sight. I think the bay window is helping matters.

I bet that turntable keeps the cabinet steady in even the most fierce breeze.