System Photos!

Gladly no breeze in this room. The cabinet has industrial type rubber damping feet, so it actually moves a bit. The turntable is made mostly of aluminium, so excluding the platter only weighs about 4kg. The platter is made from Acetal and is about 9 - 10 kg. It is designed to be constantly driven. Unlike Orbe and others that will spin forever without power, this stops after 6 laps.

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Apparently you do not like rush jobs, quality prevails.

This was the quickest room because we did not remove the floor or the walls. The rest of the ground floor we removed the entire floor down to the earth, and a reinforced concrete foundation down the side of the house 3m deep, about 15m long and 1.5m wide, and various walls disappeared. Our builders were very quick. My wife is very resourceful and redesigned the entire house herself, including the first floor.

The main issue was the global logistics crisis. A dining table arrived today from Italy and the delivery guys asked me if it was OK. We ordered it so long ago I’d completely forgotten what we’d chosen. I may not have been paying much attention. I suspect it’s quite likely that @aangen gets deliveries of hifi he ordered months ago that completely slipped his mind!


Nice surprises, unless you did not pay up front and spent the budget elsewhere.

I’m covered for that, our interior design officer is also our CFO and she has a very good memory.

That came in handy when we visited Buchardt Audio in Silkeborg/Virklund. She auditioned the design of speakers and stands, listened careful to the sound. Mads showed me the technology it all encompasses including details of all speaker models, and some information about manufacturing and quality. Then he left us alone in the listening room, just came back to just swap speakers or DSP programs of the speakers. At the end of the totally relaxed 1.5 h listening and audition session my wife asked the price. She knew I was also seriously looking at the fabulous Rowen/Von Schloo models that would have torn a EUR 12000 hole in our saving/spending budget. So when she heard the price of the truly “Made in Denmark” S400 Signature editions, actually assembled by Mads and his brother, in Danish built custom ash grey oak veneer, she said:
I don’t see and certainly don’t hear the point of spending more, these speakers improve the sound and looks in the living room. Buy them!

Then I started comparing specs between the Canton and Buchardt’s as I was looking for low bass response. I started to bountiful for a moment. But, Buchardt’s shipping conditions are risk free as so much that there is a flat fee for paying the return cost if you don’t like them.

Well, I ordered them and:

  • I learned soon that specs say nothing, really nothing, just go and listen.
  • They sound fantastic in our room. It gets better day by day and at no time have I thought about utilizing the return option
  • The design: the legs are made by the same company that manufactures for Bang and Olufsen (in Denmark), the ash grey real oak veneer is impeccable and the enclosures are modern Danish design.
  • No regrets, wife happy, Rudolf happy

I think we are lucky to live in little countries where we don’t have to buy over the internet. Been doing lighting today, all locally made 25 miles away.

The grey oak is very nice. Our bedroom furniture is made of striped gray eucalyptus. You then need splashes of colour. The Von Schloo are stunning design, no idea what they must sound like. Very Swiss design, any colour as long as it’s grey or aluminium. Happy wife, happy life.

I decided my anti-vibration platform was too ugly. Better without.

P.s. I am slightly obsessed with Bisque radiators, owned by Zehnder, who are Swiss, so the obvious colour.


Wow, does that radiator have a clear coat on it?

The radiators are really cool. The turntable looks better. The anti vibration board adds complication to turntable.

Maybe these Iso Acoustic real wood boards are a more beautiful fit:
or in black:
or leave it as it is (most beautiful if you don’t suffer from vibrations)

It does. They cost a fortune. The UK showroom is nearby and I saw them in a Covid clearance last December. I bought three, so had them 9 months before they were plumbed in. My plumber Glen prefers them to the stereo, but that’s because he’s a plumber. They look good and chuck out huge amounts of heat. I have one we bought 20 years ago that is over 2m tall.

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That Delos is VERY NICE. And the wood is the same colour. Hmmm… £549

I put the original feet for the turntable back in place and some time ago I appear to have added 4mm of sorbothane sheet.

The jumping-up-and-down-whilst-a-record-is-playing test is on the cards for tonight.

Wish I could help you with that. Your system must be sounding great. It’s a very special turntable you have.

I built a new rack! Used a butcher block countertop from Home Depot.

Also I can’t remember if I have posted since I upgraded to a Rega RP8 with the Apheta 2 cart.

Rest of the system is:
Hegel h360
Rega Aria
Mac mini


R.I.P. Corydon Johnson.

He’s made quite a lot of IRS V owners very happy including Paul’s Music Room One Setup. Pictured are his IRS V’s prior to him selling them with his designed Full Range Planar Magnetics with the EMIT’s disconnected. Also pictured are his prototype Planar Magnetics (60Hz - above 20kHz).

Corydon’s Protoypes back left.


Oh no! I knew he had been to the hospital, but this? I am so sorry. He was a great man.


Was Mr Johnson a speaker designer?

Meanwhile, our first reflection panel just turned up. It has the added benefit you can sit on it. Or just have a gin and forget about first reflections.


This looks nice!

Grew up in a house with radiators like this. Brings back memories.

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I threw a few bucks in the direction of a chap called Herbie. You never know! Let’s see. UPS say Monday delivery, which Monday I’ll find out later.

The AV123 (GR Research) X-Statik’s are back in play!


Nice room!
If I had more room to get them away from the front wall I would get a set of Xtremes or Xstatics. My X5’s work good just 40" or so off the front wall but Danny says 5 feet or more is what he likes to see.

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It turns out that the slider bits from Herbie are the same as the ones I got off Amazon for pennies. I think in 30 minutes I could pretty much reproduce Herbie’s sliders for 10% of what I paid for them. they are vastly overpriced.